By Liam Dowd - April 14th, 2015

Top social media motivations. How dirty is your social data? And top tips to become an Instagram star.

The Behaviour of Innovators

In a new report from Leadtail, 40 of the world’s leading innovators have their use of social media deconstructed to give an insight into how they use these channels. These innovators all actively participate in social media to discover content, conversations, and people in a way that informs and inspires their passion for innovation.


Top Social Media Motivations

Globally, internet users are most likely to use social networks to keep in touch with what their friends are doing. Getting news updates and filling up spare time are then in joint second position. Equally telling is that only 27% of internet users say that they are using social media to share details about their daily life. By some margin, this motivation is less important to networkers than sharing opinions or photos/videos. Clearly, then, many internet users have become more comfortable using social media to publish content rather than broadcast personal details.


Top Tips from Instagram

Understanding how to leverage the leading social media networks across your corporation is vital if these communities are to deliver the levels of commercial engagement that all brands want. Instagram offer some top tips to ensure your business is using their network to its best advantage.

Teens, Social Media and Technology Overview 2015

Almost a quarter (24%) of teens go online “almost constantly,” facilitated by the widespread availability of smartphones, concludes the latest research from Pew Internet. Teens are diversifying their social network site use. A majority of teens — 71% — report using more than one social network site out of the seven platform options they were asked about. Among the 22% of teens who only use one site, 66% use Facebook, 13% use Google+, 13% use Instagram and 3% use Snapchat.

How Dirty Is Social Data? An Analysis of Social Spam

Brands know that social media posts are a goldmine of consumer data that they can leverage for insight into the tastes, preferences and purchase intent of their target market. Even though savvy brands use social data to evaluate and inform their actions, they are being thwarted by non-consumer or social spam posts. Unless careful steps are put in place to remove social spam from their analysis, brands run the risk of missing or misinterpreting key consumer insights because of skewed data.

In Brief…

Even though Facebook is largely considered a social marketing opportunity, the report from Mixpot uncovered that 83% of companies do not consider the social team the primary planner for ads run in social.
Learn why your corporation might be losing followers across your social media networks and how to reverse the trend.
A new infographic shows the importance of search drawing on the latest data from SimilarWeb and including practical advice and analysis from some of the top places to learn about search like Moz, Search Engine Land and Searchmetrics.
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