By Liam Dowd - June 27th, 2014

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As Google+ just celebrated it's 3rd birthday we take a look at how the platform's grown

Google+ launched on June 28th 2011 under close scrutiny and uncertainty. Many did and still believe it’s a social ghost town. However, the below numbers seem to indicate the opposite…

The above highlights statistics as of April 2014. It clearly shows a platform that’s thriving with 1.2 billion monthly page views and over five billion +1 clicks a day.

The infographic originally appeared in our series by Tamsin Oxford on Getting to Grips with Google+ series, well worth a read!

At our recent Corporate Social Media Summit New York there was some talk about Google+. There were mixed feelings about the use of the platform from the 300+ corporate social media professionals. However one thing they did seem to all agree on was being active on Google+ was a sure way of boosting your website’s SEO.

Google+ can’t have a birthday without there being infographics about its good and bad points. And luckily enough the guys over at DPFOC Canada have done just that…

I wouldn’t mind betting next year we’ll be celebrating the 4th birthday of an even bigger and better Google+.

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