What are the big trends, challenges and opportunities being created by data and analytics for the travel and tourism industry? EyeforTravel conducted a global, industry-wide survey of more than 450 travel data professionals to find out …

Data is not just a buzz word surrounding the travel and tourism industry, it is fundamentally changing every part of it. No decision should be made without supporting evidence, no marketing campaign started without market analysis, no pricing set without demand forecasting. Given the influence and importance of data, EyeforTravel set out to understand where the industry stands currently with regards to data and analytics, where it is struggling, and what the future might hold. We did this through a global survey of more than 450 travel data professionals, encompassing all major verticals and job roles.

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·       How spending on data teams and capabilities is changing.

·       What is driving analytics programs and what kinds of analytics are organizations using?

·       What are the main data sources being used to create insight?

·       What are the main challenges facing data professionals?

·       The strategies the industry is deploying to lower costs and improve understanding.

·       What does the industry believe is the best performing social media network?

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