We are on the cusp of a revolution that promises greater personalization and profitability as pricing becomes more segmented and relevant to each customer. Download this free report, which is part of a four-part series, to understand how pricing in travel is charging into the future and how you can become part of this revolution

Every time a consumer looks at a price, they are making a judgement and in the case of travel products that judgement is a hugely complex jumble of variables. Whether each consumer perceives a vacation as being at the right price is highly subjective and might be substantially different from one traveler to the next. Therefore, brands need to approach pricing with a rigorous and scientific approach that can segment customers in a degree that would have been impossible ten years ago.

Fortunately, increases in the quality, quantity and the speed of transmission of data are creating leaps in clarity for those with the ability to interpret the modern gold mine of data being created. We now know more than ever before about customers, their preferences and their spending patterns, which can help guide decision-making. The possibilities of this improvement in analytical capabilities are much greater granularity in pricing structures that are more responsive to demand patterns and customer behaviors.

In order to learn how to your organization can become more effective at creating pricing structures and institute dynamic pricing, download the free report now.

Mastering these factors will lead to higher yields, conversion rates and customer retention levels as prices get closer to matching true demand among your customer base.

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This report features:

  • Detailed analysis from a report written by a pricing expert and consultant.
  • A breakdown of modern pricing practice in travel to help you get to grips with the current environment and how it is changing.
  • Key rules to create your own advanced pricing regime.
  • Real-world examples of advanced pricing practices from Airbnb, Amazon and more.
  • How to integrate dynamic pricing into increasingly complex distribution networks.
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