Hospitality businesses live and die by their reputations but are accommodation brands really focusing enough on the one moment where they have the guest’s complete and undivided attention: The stay itself? Now, a wave of innovation is giving hotels new opportunities in this space and opening up ways to build relationships. Download the free report now to see how you can take advantage

From the moment a hotel takes a guest’s booking they have an unrivalled marketing opportunity. The guest is theirs to build a relationship with and a growing wealth of technological solutions are springing up to handle this before, during, and after the stay. Through smarter properties and systems, hotels can build up complex guest profiles that can be used to improve almost every aspect of property performance and therefore the guest’s experience. What’s more these technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible through mobile apps and cloud computing.

The future of the stay will be one where the guest can use their own device to interact directly with the hotel’s staff or even the hotel itself through AI-powered interfaces. Customers will be able to call on far more services, and staff will be more connected and effective.

Download this completely free report now and find out what the emerging technologies are, who is providing them, and how they can help to transform your business and your relationship with the guest. 

This report explores: 

  • The tech and tools available to create better guest stay.

  • What tech companies are working in the field and what solutions they can provide.

  • How to work with changing consumer technologies and behaviors. 

  • How to improve pre-stay messaging. 

  • How property management systems are developing and what this means for hotels. 

  • What the future of the guest stay will look like.

  • The real-world results of implementing technological solutions.

  • How staff can improve their performance through new technologies.

  • How hotels can gather and utilize the new wave of data coming from emerging technologies. 

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