Virtual reality could change the way people consumer travel content but are consumers ready to embrace this new technology and is it worth travel brands investing today? This white paper explores market conditions and the business case for virtual reality both now and in the future.

Virtual Reality (VR) offers amazing possibilities to deliver totally immersive content to users and in combination with smartphones, accessing a virtual world could be done anywhere, at any time. Potentially this gives the travel and tourism industry a whole new medium to play with and could be a critical link in the inspiration phase – currently a pain point for travellers. However, this is new technology is in early adopter phase and VR struggled to live up to the hype in 2016. So, should travel brands be jumping in or holding back? Through looking at consumer perceptions of VR, future market conditions, and travel brands already using VR, this white paper will give you an overview of where VR sits in travel and where the technology is heading. 

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Download the white paper now and find out: 

How consumers view virtual reality.

Whether consumers are interested in travel VR content and under what conditions.

How may devices have been shipped and are expected to be shipped. 

How much the VR market will be worth in the medium term. 

Which travel brands are already successfully using VR.

Use cases for VR in travel and tourism. 

The barriers to wider VR adoption.

The challenges in creating VR content and how to succeed in building VR content. 

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