launches Partnership Programme

Published: 25 Sep 2007

The Partnership Programme sees wholesale parent company Sabre’s complete 80,000 hotel inventory for the first time. will sell the entire Sabre group’s hotel content - which is made up of 40,000 hotels from Sabre’s global distribution system and a further 40,000 merchant rate hotels from Travelocity, and

According to the company, the improved technology allows the leading online travel and leisure agency to work with partners of travel turnovers of all sizes. The service is free and enables any company wishing to add a hotel booking service, to create a seamless integration with their own website in a matter of hours. For those companies with more advanced requirements, an XML Interface is also available. Citing an example, the company stated: “One company that has taken advantage of this innovative approach, thereby demonstrating’s ability to work with small and niche partners, is – which is retailing all of the agency’s French properties.” Vice President Distribution and business Development Vic Darvey said, “ is keen to add more small businesses looking to retail travel online. The technology is so easy to use we are confident a new travel site can be set up within four hours.”

“It’s a great opportunity for traditional high street travel agents to give themselves a comprehensive online presence,” said Darvey.

Meanwhile, the back office system allows partners to view real time booking statistics and visitor analysis alongside a number of fully branded marketing tools such as discount vouchers and opt-in newsletters.
Furthermore, the technology even allows the partner’s name to appear on the customer’s credit card statement. has existing white label deals with supermarket giant Tesco, hotel chain Intercontinental Hotels Group, over 50s company Saga, airport operator BAA and also has more than 300 affiliates.

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