Alex Hadwick

Alex Hadwick

WTO trade barometer at rock bottom

Aug 20, 2020
Historic lows have been recorded by the WTO’s trade barometer, but it seems we have now hit the floor, with trade stabilising and beginning to recover

Supply chain leaders discuss keeping up with demand in disrupted times

Aug 19, 2020
Supply chain leaders discuss how demand has shifted drastically all whilst trying to operate on entirely new playing field in 2020

Integrating technology at speed

Aug 13, 2020
Wrong-footed by COVID-19, many logistics companies are realising that they need to up their technology investment but how should leaders approach tech investment and installation at this time of immense pressure?

Improving inventory management

Aug 7, 2020
The sudden acceleration of high-intensity e-commerce demand, alongside fracturing supply chains in the wake of COVID-19, has pushed inventory management to the forefront. Reuters Events: Supply Chain asked two innovators how they see the space evolving

Reuters Events: Supply Chain in conversation with XPO CIO Mario Harik

Aug 7, 2020
Putting tech at the heart of XPO’s operations is helping to keep a logistics giant agile amid a global pandemic

The build-up to Brexit and the state of global trade

Jul 31, 2020
As Brexit gets ever closer, we talk trade, tariffs and tough negotiations with James Hookham, Secretary General of the Global Shippers Forum

Downturn, what downturn? Why logistics tech remains one of the hottest scenes in the global economy

Jul 24, 2020
It’s fair to say 2020 has been rough for many but Reuters Events: Supply Chain has been exploring an area bucking the trend: Logistics tech

Will the pandemic accelerate automation in supply chains? Part 3: Micro machines and the move to micro-fulfilment centres

Jul 8, 2020
Meeting e-commerce demand without crippling costs is a huge challenge for logistics but a fundamental shift in how we build, position and operate fulfilment systems might change all of that. Reuters Events: Supply Chain investigates

The end of just-in-time?

Jul 3, 2020
After it was pioneered by Japanese firms 60 years ago, just-in-time supply chain operations have spread to dominate global manufacturing. With the advent of COVID-19 is that long dominance now at an end?

Will the pandemic accelerate automation in supply chains? Part 2: Cheaper, smaller, more efficient – the evolving capabilities of robots

Jul 3, 2020
Robotics was once the domain of big manufacturers capable of installing multi-million dollar robots in production lines but that’s all changing as it becomes easier to build, install and operate robotics in supply chains