Alex Hadwick

Alex Hadwick

US warehousing sector has over 50% more workers on payroll than five years ago but now faces tough labour market

May 19, 2021
Payroll data from April 2021 shows nearly 170,000 more workers in the warehousing and storage sector than 12 months prior

Why cloud computing will support more resilient and responsive supply chains

May 14, 2021
Cloud computing is the single most important tool supply chains need to future-proof their operations says new white paper

Command and control in supply chains - part 2: Taking back control of the last mile

May 5, 2021
The last mile is booming, but so are the associated expenses, leaving supply chain planners with a headache that needs to be urgently solved

Command and control in supply chains - part 1: Why a commanding view matters

Apr 26, 2021
In an era of strained supply chains, having the right view and the capability to intervene early and effectively can make all the difference

China-Europe rail freight gets boost from Suez crisis

Apr 22, 2021
A snarled Suez route has made rail transport from China into Europe look all the more attractive

Walmart invests into self-driving car company Cruise

Apr 20, 2021
Walmart joins latest funding round of the multi-billion dollar-valued autonomous vehicle start-up, following delivery trial with Cruise vehicles

Predicting supply chain risk just got a whole lot more social

Apr 15, 2021
Start-up Prewave wants to turn the tsunami of social and open-source data washing over the globe into meaningful alerts on supply chain risks and resilience

Breaking out of the volatility cycle

Mar 26, 2021
Volatility has come to define the recent past of supply chains, but greater depth of understanding is helping to smooth the journey to market

Complexity and cost: The Brexit legacy for EU-UK e-commerce

Mar 23, 2021
Although over time processes will improve and become smoother, the immediate legacy of Brexit has been to burden international e-commerce businesses operating between the EU and UK

Dealing with troughs and peaks

Mar 16, 2021
The big swings between feast and famine in supply chains aren’t over in 2021, so businesses need to be fast-moving and flexible