Alex Hadwick

Alex Hadwick

Sustainability driving resilience and efficiencies in supply chains

Nov 24, 2020
Resiliency in supply chains walks hand-in-hand with sustainability and needs to be front and centre of our agendas said speakers at the Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020 Summit

Last mile demand pushes micro-fulfilment solutions

Nov 19, 2020
Soaring e-commerce demand is pushing retailers to look at stores in a new light

The award winning start-up trying to link up the autonomous landscape

Nov 17, 2020
We talk with the winner of the Accenture Freight & Logistics Europe Innovator Award, Unmanned Life, about their innovative solution and how they plan to change the supply chain space

Visibility the cornerstone of any supply chain improvement

Nov 6, 2020
Speakers from across the line-up of the recent Reuters Events Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020 Summit were adamant that progress in supply chains is being built on the back of wide-ranging visibility

Cooperating in a crisis

Oct 28, 2020
This year has shown us that cooperation is key and that we all need to look to new partners and wider networks to have the best chance of succeeding

Being agile in a crisis and beyond

Oct 16, 2020
In an unstable world, reaction times and capacity to manage change are the critical difference makers

How to run a supply chain war room that's ready for anything part 2: Planning for, and preventing, risk

Sep 29, 2020
How can you proof you supply chain against the worst the world can throw at it?

How to run a supply chain war room that's ready for anything part 1: Why you need to war game and the risks we are all facing

Sep 25, 2020
The current environment has revealed how high the stakes can be and why you need to be prepping and planning, not just for this current environment, but the next crisis that could be just around the corner

The rapid reorientation of supply chains

Sep 18, 2020
In a year of big shocks, those that have been able to adapt have been those best placed to weather the storm

Building predictive analytics in an unpredictable age

Sep 14, 2020
Predictive analytics are a critical business tool for supply chains but producing effective forecasts is especially tough in this unprecedented environment says panel of experts