Alex Hadwick

Alex Hadwick

Evolving distribution: Smarter product tracking and tracing

Mar 5, 2021
Developing technologies are coalescing to take the guess work out of supply chains and provide a constant, real-time and accurate overview of where goods are at each stage

Low-cost drone delivery: About to take-off or plummeting back to reality?

Mar 2, 2021
Is drone delivery on a budget just around the corner? Flytrex thinks so and wants to bring your brunch straight to your backyard

The state of supply chains: Automotive, part 2 – building back better

Mar 1, 2021
The automotive industry has been buffeted by the forces unleashed by the pandemic, so now the race is on to build more resilient and open supply chains

5G: A revolution or an evolution for logistics?

Feb 17, 2021
5G rollouts have finally arrived, but what does this mean in practice for supply chains?

The changing face of retail logistics with Malcolm Wilson, CEO of XPO Logistics Europe

Feb 12, 2021
De-risking and upgrading retail supply chains through automation and sustainability will be key to the future of retail

The state of supply chains: Shipping

Feb 10, 2021
High volatility and big bottlenecks are defining shipping at the start of 2021 as the industry handles a surge in demand for physical goods and a crunch in container capacity

2020 puts supply chain planning at the top of the agenda in 2021

Jan 29, 2021
Logistics planning expert Robert Oliver tells us how supply chain planning is evolving and how you can master the process to drive better results

The view on retail supply chains with Jim Hartshorne, MD Retail & Consumer UK&I, DHL Supply Chain

Jan 22, 2021
If you thought 2020 was a manic year for the retail sector, then brace yourself for another year of breakneck developments as the sector grapples with surging e-commerce, shifting demand, digitalisation, COVID-19 and Brexit

Brexit and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement: A Q&A with George Riddell, Director of Trade Strategy, Ernst and Young LLP

Jan 18, 2021
With just days between the conclusion of negotiations and implementation, the need to understand the EU-UK post-Brexit agreement and situation is vital. We sat down with EY’s Director of Trade Strategy to understand the key ramifications and the emerging situation

Can cold chain keep up with hot demand?

Jan 15, 2021
Cold chain was already under pressure from changing consumption patterns and now must handle the most critical and sought-after product of 2021: COVID-19 vaccines. We look at how it is handling the load