Alex Hadwick

Alex Hadwick

The view on retail supply chains with Jim Hartshorne, MD Retail & Consumer UK&I, DHL Supply Chain

Jan 22, 2021
If you thought 2020 was a manic year for the retail sector, then brace yourself for another year of breakneck developments as the sector grapples with surging e-commerce, shifting demand, digitalisation, COVID-19 and Brexit

Brexit and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement: A Q&A with George Riddell, Director of Trade Strategy, Ernst and Young LLP

Jan 18, 2021
With just days between the conclusion of negotiations and implementation, the need to understand the EU-UK post-Brexit agreement and situation is vital. We sat down with EY’s Director of Trade Strategy to understand the key ramifications and the emerging situation

Can cold chain keep up with hot demand?

Jan 15, 2021
Cold chain was already under pressure from changing consumption patterns and now must handle the most critical and sought-after product of 2021: COVID-19 vaccines. We look at how it is handling the load

3PL warehousing sector expands strongly in 2020

Jan 12, 2021
Demand is up with 50% of 3PL warehouses running at 90%+ capacity, leading to the sector running up against constraints and looking for solutions

UK ports in disarray and trade at risk

Dec 21, 2020
Port congestion is putting pressure on UK supply chains just as Brexit looms and a resurgent COVID variant paralyses the country

Supply chain leaders have to train supply chains to be more flexible

Dec 10, 2020
Historic disruption is pushing supply chain leaders to recognise that now is the time for change and to make supply chains more adaptable

Supporting sustainability in supply chains

Dec 8, 2020
Supply chains can be immensely complex, which creates challenges for sustainability, but the rewards are worth it says speakers at the Supply Chain USA Virtual 2020 Summit

Sustainability driving resilience and efficiencies in supply chains

Nov 24, 2020
Resiliency in supply chains walks hand-in-hand with sustainability and needs to be front and centre of our agendas said speakers at the Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020 Summit

Last mile demand pushes micro-fulfilment solutions

Nov 19, 2020
Soaring e-commerce demand is pushing retailers to look at stores in a new light

The award winning start-up trying to link up the autonomous landscape

Nov 17, 2020
We talk with the winner of the Accenture Freight & Logistics Europe Innovator Award, Unmanned Life, about their innovative solution and how they plan to change the supply chain space