• German home batteries set to lead storage growth until incentive cuts bite in 2017

    The residential segment will lead significant growth in the German energy storage market until at least mid-2017 before the federal government’s recent decision to scrap incentives for solar storage curbs demand, said Tobias Rothacher, senior manager Energy Storage & Fuel Cells, Solar Energy, Bioenergy at Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI).

  • Storage suppliers expand in demand-shaving heavy user market

    Energy storage suppliers such as LG Chem and Sharp are focusing on a growing market in behind-the-meter applications for US commercial and industrial (C&I) customers spurred by demand charge savings.

  • Flow battery deals build manufacturing base for commercial phase

    Major manufacturing alliances and growing product orders are driving renewed investor interest in flow battery makers including Imergy Power Systems and ViZn Energy Systems, raising the market prospects for a technology that has repeatedly stumbled at the commercial step.

  • Developers eye growing YieldCo finance market

    Many energy storage developers are investigating novel financing routes such as YieldCos to raise investment in the non-traditional generation asset.

  • Why CSP’s thermal storage is safe from competition… for now

    Booming interest in energy storage raises fears over whether CSP’s base-load capabilities could be undercut by PV with batteries. But there are reasons to rest easy.

  • Will PCM storage ever live up to its potential?

    Phase-change materials promise to significantly reduce the cost of thermal energy storage. So how come we are still using molten salt?

  • Could storage help linear Fresnel rock the market?

    Within CSP, linear Fresnel has traditionally been less prevalent when compared to parabolic trough and power tower technologies. That could change with the addition of storage, though.

  • Storage in Power Towers

    “In a molten salt Power Tower all of the thermal energy, but more importantly all of its exergy—a term that defines the amount of useful work that can be extracted from heat at a certain temperature—can be stored and recovered”.

  • Why storage is important for CSP developments in South Africa

    This article provides an overview of recent global research findings on the benefits of energy storage, and then hones in on the latest developments in South Africa regarding CSP with TES.

  • The Cost Benefits of CSP with Storage

    CSP with storage could rise in importance to the overall energy mix, according to recent studies

  • Understanding the energy density of thermal storage

    In a highly competitive environment, CSP needs to focus on its unique selling points. Arnold Leitner, founder and former CEO of SkyFuel Inc., shares his thoughts on understanding the importance of storage for CSP with specific focus on energy density and longevity of thermal storage.

  • Energy storage projects highlight value of CSP

    Renewable-hungry administrations such as that of California, USA, are begin to wake up to the need for energy storage to ensure grid stability. That could be a bonus for CSP.

  • Parabolic dish: could a dose of storage help?

    A challenge for parabolic dish adoption is that the technology lacks storage and so faces competition from cheap photovoltaic systems. Adding storage is not out of the question, though.

  • Cutting the cost of molten salt

    Molten salt is a useful heat transfer fluid and arguably the best current option for solar thermal energy storage. Its price volatility continues to present a challenge for CSP, however.

  • Molten Salt: A New Generation?

    Executive Viewpoint: Emilio Iglesias Sola, Yara International ASA