Webinar: Where does AI sit in our HR Toolkit?

Separating real help from real hype

Our staff are overworked, bogged down with menial admin tasks but a sense of belonging and purpose is integral to talent retention. Our HR leaders are grappling with the vast digital boom in the industry, but struggling to find solutions that truly impact the efficiency of their teams.

In comes AI as HR's 'helping hand', with the ability to streamline HR processes and hiring, transform training and development programs and free up time for employees to focus on more meaningful work.

Join this exclusive Reuters Events webinar to discover key learnings such as:
• Deep-dive the real value of AI right now to HR teams – cut through the hype and discover how you could truly benefit from the ground-breaking tech
• Create a road-map to navigate the bias and inaccuracy barriers faced today
• Discuss what frameworks need to be in place to ensure AI reaches its full potential


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