Whitepaper: The HCP Engagement Transformation: Latest Trends and Activities

HCP engagement is undergoing a dramatic reformation, spurred on by the necessity to meet changing customer needs. This white paper will look at the latest trends and developments discovered by Elsevier’s 2023 survey of over 200 industry leaders. It examines how executives across marketing, commercial and medical affairs functions are executing on the opportunity of digital transformation, including omnichannel engagement and automation, both separately and collaboratively. 

Key takeaways from this article include:

  • The continued rise of omnichannel and automation: Survey respondents report that the biggest change to engagement activity is the growing importance of omnichannel, new metrics and automation opportunities.
  • Close and increasing collaboration between functions: The marketing and medical gap is closing, with many simultaneous shifts being experienced across both functions. Educational products offered by both medical and commercial functions are also becoming more aligned as HCPs seek convenient ways to keep abreast of new information and developments in their fields.  
  • Emerging hybrid digital and in-person engagement models continue to shift focus between channels: Hybrid engagement is here to stay. In-person engagement is resurgent, but investment in virtual equivalents continues apace.
  • Results show a significant growth in investment in medical education. The survey results in 2023 compared with 2021 show that educational budgets are expected to increase more steeply than was previously expected (two years ago), particularly education platforms, patient education materials and CME.


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