Elevating Medical Affairs Insight Management - survey results and report

In February 2024, 195+ Medical Affairs executives answered a survey aimed to identify the main obstacles and opportunities encountered in managing data insights. This new whitepaper, produced in conjunction with Within3, analyses the results of the survey, enriched by in-depth interviews with sector leaders. 

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the data and insights from the whitepaper: 

  • 65% of respondents said it was currently a challenge to organize and analyze data effectively, with 42% recognizing a need for improvement in their insight management techniques. 
  • 73% cited the “risk to product launch” as a consequence of inadequate insight gathering, underscoring the commercial stakes involved 
  • “Massive cultural change” is required to master insights that drive strategic decision-making says Katy Curran, Director Medical Affairs, Medical Excellence & Impact, Immunology, UCB. 
  • Case studies from Spark Therapeutics on how they used natural language processing (NLP) to enhance insight analysis. 
  • How to refine your insights management - five key steps for success from Within3 

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