Christi Shaw wins the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award at eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards 2016.

With stiff competition from the leaders of Pfizer, Dimension Therapeutics and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Christi Shaw, the U.S. Country Head, President of Novartis emerged to win the lifetime achievement award at eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2016.

The winner was selected by a free vote from the judges that included senior industry experts and patient advocates. Christi Shaw won for her consistent and determined approach to innovation, resilience and value creation over many years.

While at the helm of Novartis US, Shaw has managed a complex organization change process to reposition the company around patient-centric values. Through innovations such as immersive training that gives executives first hand experience of the patient journey and the creation of success metrics that incorporate patient-centred outcomes, Christi Shaw has built patient centricity into the culture of Novartis U.S.

Christi Shaw has argued for the importance of this approach to everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. In her own words, “If westart with the patient in mind, that is when trust starts to build.  Looking across the industry, whether pharma, provider, payer, or patient advocacy, we all win when we work together towards this.”

Christi Shaw was also the driving force behind the ground-breaking ‘Signature’ program that shortened clinical trial recruitment from an average of six months to just six weeks.

A noted component of Christ Shaw’s leadership, and something that we at eyeforpharma also advocate for, is her work in challenging archaic workplace diversity within pharma. Christi Shaw has worked to encourage initiatives that make hiring practice transparent and fair, and championed the potential of young female leaders to reform gender inequality within healthcare.

By shining a spotlight on Christi Shaw and the winners in other categories, eyeforpharma aims to evangelize patient-centric values, and encourages other healthcare actors to celebrate ideas that put the patient before profits. The winning projects were selected from hundreds of initiatives from across the USA, and announced yesterday at the 2nd annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards ceremony.

For more information, contact: Emma Goldman, Awards Director, (0) 207 375 4312

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