Webinar: Realise Global Scale for Your Digital Health Solution

Break down barriers to access and create a blueprint for commercialisation at scale

With a decade of experimentation and heavy investment, the pressure is mounting for pharma to go big in digital health or retreat to its comfort zone in medicine. It’s obvious that pharma is ‘all in’ in digital health, but with high stakes, continued regulatory uncertainty, market access ambiguity, and commercial unknowns, scaling these solutions is imperative for pharma to stay in sync with the digital evolution of healthcare.

Scale requires local, national, and international collaboration, dedicated resource, IT skillsets typically outside of pharma’s remit, and an amplified patient and HCP voice (i.e., a brand-new customer engagement plan) to guarantee buy-in and adherence en masse.

Join to discuss how you can:

  • Develop a blueprint for scaling digital health pilots to effectively demonstrate ROI and drive data/insights back into your commercial strategy
  • Achieve large-scale, cross-regional patient and HCP engagement to ensure multiple referral pathways and wide-spread buy-in
  • Co-create the criteria and framework required with policymakers and payers to bring digital health solutions to larger patient populations
  • Embed interoperability as a key component of your commercial strategy to resolve infrastructural issues plaguing the digital health value chain and scale-up bottlenecks
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