Webinar: Synthesise RWE and AI. Transform patient-driven healthcare

Advances in technologies such as artificial technology have delivered global excitement, but mastering how to leverage AI for meaningful patient outcomes remains uncracked.

The application of AI in the generation of RWE has significant potential to improve drug discovery, optimise trial design, and identify patient treatment pathways - but pharma need to overcome hurdles of streaming data into standardised models, data quality, and interpretation of diverse data sets if it is to succeed in building trust in RWE.

AI offers pharma the opportunity to streamline data, accelerate RWE adoption, and positively impact patient outcomes. Join this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Decipher underutilised RWE data through AI to positively impact patient and pharma outcomes
  • Leverage AI to draw meaningful insights and patterns that enhance drug discovery, identify risk, improve patient pathways, adherence monitoring and patient behaviour.
  • Overcome challenges of standardisation, organisation, analysis and interpretation to maximise RWE's benefits and revolutionise patient-driven healthcare


Find out more about gaining competitive advantage with Cegedim Health Data. 

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