A Commercial Accelerator: Generative AI's Most Immediate Impact on BioPharma

In today's fast-moving market, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is presenting unprecedented opportunities in life sciences to streamline processes, enhance engagement, and accelerate growth.

Conventional AI detects a pattern and produces an output. Generative AI continually evolves an output through language. For life sciences, this opens up all sorts of opportunities across each stage of bringing a therapy to market -- whether that's reviewing research, designing a clinical trial or preparing data for regulatory submission and approval. The most immediate impact, however, could be found within a life sciences organization's commercial function. Roles within sales and marketing are ripe for augmentation and transformation due to the ability of large language models (LLMs) to dynamically generate content. 

In this webinar, industry experts will provide a comprehensive overview of generative AI's impact on sales and marketing functions and discuss how these innovations can be leveraged to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Panelists will share their perspectives on:

Practical use cases that life sciences commercial teams can adopt to harness the full potential of generative AI in key areas, including customer care, marketing operations, sales force effectiveness, and creative and product design.

  • Future trends in the AI-driven pharmaceutical landscape, such as bionic sales forces and personalized at-home patient care.
  • Ethical implications and regulatory challenges around implementing generative AI technologies in life sciences and strategies for responsible AI adoption.
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