By Nick Johnson - December 6th, 2011

[G]ood day everyone, Welcome to this week's Tuesday Update. It's an exciting one for us, because every article you'll see below is original content from the Useful Social Media team. We've decid...

Good day everyone,

Welcome to this week's Tuesday Update. It's an exciting one for us, because every article you'll see below is original content from the Useful Social Media team. We've decided that the best way for us to deliver you news, analysis and opinion on corporate social media best practice is to create it ourselves. Please do let me know what you think on And stay tuned for more corporate social media insight - from business, by business - in the coming weeks.

Anyway, on to our first story:

Is Twitter the call centre of the future?

In this piece, Guy Clapperton investigates how large companies are beginning to use social media to deliver better customer service. Companies have little choice - as soon as you create your first Twitter account or Facebook page, your consumers are able to raise issues, questions and complaints with you in a public forum.

Failing to respond quickly enough only makes the problem worse, and considering 25% of complainants expect a response within 60 minutes, it's clear companies have a difficult challenge ahead.

 Read on to find out how companies like Virgin Media, SwiftCover and others have begun to handle this thorny issue here.

Social shopping: can you measure the value of a positive review?

In this article, we investigate the power of reviews on your ecommerce strategy. With insight from companies like QVC, Charles Schwab and Tripadvisor, the piece covers the metrics available to you, the hidden benefits for your company of the proliferation of social media-based review sites out there, and how reviews feed into a broader social commerce strategy.

To read the full piece, head here.

It's a conversation, not a campaign: How to move beyond marketing to truly leverage social's power

This wide-ranging piece takes as its starting point a fundamental truth about social media - that it's a long-term relationship, not a finite campaign. From here, the piece discusses how social media can help you to better understand your customers, augment existing marketing strategies and increase consumer satisfaction. There are some useful stats for your own boardroom battles - like the fact that 60% of people are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a fan of it on Facebook; and that Dell generate over 25,000 conversations with customers per day.

It's a great introduction to corporate social media best practice, and you can read it here.

Made by us: How Dell leverage consumer interaction for product development

Dell are an acknowledged leader in the social media space, and whenever we talk about them they appear to be breaking new ground. In this piece, we discuss Dell's position at the vanguard of companies using social media for product development. Dell's 'IdeaStorm' platform, launched in 2007, has 16,000 active users, and has generated over 500 ideas the company has implemented to date.

The piece also covers smaller companies like Etsy and Marke-Eigenbau, and delivers relevant best practice to any company looking to move beyond marketing with their social media strategy.

Read all about it here.

Anyway, I hope the above is of use. From now on, we'll use the Tuesday Update to provide you with both analysis and opinion from the USM team, and also current news and developments which we may bring to you from other websites. But you can be sure that this is the best place for you to keep abreast of the rapidly changing corporate social media landscape!

Until next week,



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