By Kate Rayner - December 3rd, 2020

Featuring: Wealthsimple, Metromile, Visible & Helpshift

Webinar Recording: Meeting Consumer Demands for Frictionless Mobile Support Experiences

In the age of digitalization, loyalty is fleeting - Consumer demands are constantly evolving, and 2020 has seen a reinvigorated demand for digital and mobile experiences. As consumers spend more time and money via digital channels, it is imperative that your business does not neglect these channels and ensures top-class mobile & in-app support.

  • Synchronize Channels for a Seamless Mobile Experience - Leverage real-time data for a personalized experience, and fully embed self-serve, social, and chat into your mobile customer service offerings.

  • Remove friction, bolster retention & revenue, and eliminate bad user experience by providing dedicated, mobile-optimized support services.

  • Discover how to deliver a better mobile experience which will delight your users – Explore the opportunities for automation, asynchronous messaging & AI

Panelists include:

  • Paul Teshima, Chief Client Experience Officer, Wealthsimple

  • Matt Stein, VP of Products, Metromile

  • Sarah Feldman, Head of Customer Care, Visible

  • Janice Le, Chief Market & Product Officer, Helpshift

  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principle & Founder, Zeisler Consulting


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