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Samsung achieves higher than average click through rates

Samsung seem to clearly understand how social media can form part of an ad campaign that delivers real world results. Their latest promoting Galaxy Note Flask-kick events achieved a click through rate of 1.7% with a CTR of 2.36%. Designed by Greystripe – part of ValueClick Media, the ads included social media links as well as the main ad and its calls to action.

Greystripe claim 31,000 clicks from nearly 2 million impressions with 43% clicking through to Samsung’s Twitter feed, 38% to YouTube and 17% to Facebook. Samsung Mobile digital marketing manager Ji-hyeon Louise Choi said: “The mobile booster ads allowed us to integrate our social media channels with our mobile advertising to increase awareness. An advertising campaign that is evangelised by your consumers is a marketers dream and we’re certainly heading that way with our mobile strategy.”

Richard Sharp, UK managing director of ValueClick Media and Greystripe commented: “We’re the first network in the UK that can offer brands this type of technology. The results we’re showing for Samsung have been fantastic; over 43% of consumers clicked through from Greystripe’s advert to Samsung’s Twitter feed, this is an impressive figure and helped to increase social engagement and followers for the brand. No other platform can drive these incremental uplifts in social media and we’re really pleased with the results we’re seeing; we hope to run many more campaigns like this in the future.”

The age of m-commerce certainly seems to be here with data from the InMobi Mobile Market 2011 Review illustrating the rapid development of this ad space with smart phone ad impressions increasing by 488% in Q4 of 2011.

Who owns your social media?

When it comes to ownership of social media, corporations seem confused to whether their marketing or customer services departments should take the lead. A new infographic from Zendesk suggests that 60% of companies are using both of these departments to support their social media activities.

Some corporations have created new cross-department teams including Zappos and Dell. Commenting on this question, customer services consultant Martin Hill-Wilson told the econsultancy: “Marketing's DNA is not to run operational stuff or clean up other functions mess. Customers are for life. They are not just campaign outcomes.”

What is clear is that from a consumers perspective which department takes ownership is of little interest to them. All that is important is that their communications and outcomes are positive for them.

For corporations more integration is clearly the future of how they manage their social media interactions. Customer services, their e-commerce presence and the burgeoning m-commerce space will push this integration forward.

Katy Howell, MD at the social media agency Immediate Future concluded: “Companies need to redesign their processes for managing social customers. The starting point is to understand the voice of the customer. Looking for patterns and establishing a typical consumer journeys – the journey through issue resolution and the one across a sale.”

H&M become most followed brand on Google+

Google+ continues grow rapidly but few headlines are made because of the businesses that are using the platform. No more as the clothing chain H&M have grabbed the limelight by topping a chart of brands on Google+ compiled by Simply Measured.

Even though the company has infinitely more fans on Facebook, the company clearly understands how social networking must support their marketing activities. Their recent ads featuring David Beckham and where shown with great expense on the Super Bowl. This illustrates that H&M are approaching their ad campaigns via multiple channels.

H&M also ensure that their brand stays front-and-centre within Google+ as they have posted to their feeds more times than any other brand except Ferrari, but they do have fewer circles. This consistent communications seems to be paying off. It’s early days as most of the H&M posts receive few comments, but H&M clearly want to hedge their bets just in case Google+ does become the next Facebook.

In Brief...

Timeline for business coming this month

Businesses that have been looking closely at the timeline feature that Facebook rolled out last year will be able to try this out for themselves soon. Ad Age has reported that timelines for enterprises should appear by the end of February. The image intensive profile feature has been long awaited by brands that could see how this feature could be used to enhance their brand messages.

Nissan to crowd source new vehicle

Brand that have a presence across the social space often pay little attention to the comments left on their Facebook pages for instance. Nissan is certainly not one of these brands, as it recently announced Project 370Z that will see the company crowd source a track-ready one-off vehicle. This level of engagement is unprecedented by a brand the size of Nissan. All eyes will be on their Facebook page and whether this initiative generates the positive sentiment that Nissan is looking for.

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