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Hi all, Hope everyone is well? The news across the social web this week… Mobile dominates social media access [A] new infographic from DMA adds more weight to the debated regarding which ...

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?

The news across the social web this week…

Mobile dominates social media access

DMA Customer Perspetives InfographicA new infographic from DMA adds more weight to the debated regarding which platforms your customers use to access their favourite social networks. Nearly half of those surveyed thought that marketing via their smartphones was invasive. It seems that when it comes to mobile the reaction to marketing messages is similar to that when social media first reared its head. Corporations need to tread carefully when mounting campaigns that include a mobile component to ensure they don’t alienate their potential customers.


Spending on search and social media continues to grow

Search and Social Media Marketing SpendingThe latest report from NetBooster and the eConsultancy reveals that nearly two-third of the 300 UK in-house marketers surveyed stated that they would be spending more on their social media activity over the next year. Search remains a favourite with spending on SEO and paid search still remaining an important component of marketing campaigns over the coming year.

Edward Cowell, SEO Director at NetBooster said: “This year has been a period of the most rapid and interesting change we’ve seen in digital and search for a long time. I am delighted to say that the search sector is still evolving at pace, and the outlook for investment in search marketing remains positive.”

Facebook apps grab the attention of consumers

Malibu VIP Facebook AppEvery corporation knows that the hard sell can mean instant death for a marketing campaign on social media networks. However, brands are realising that using apps can soften their marketing messages and actually allow them to engage with their fans on a commercial level. Good examples of Facebook apps that have been successful for their stakeholders include: Malibu VIP, Durex Naked Box and Tesco’s Delivery Dash. If you can build your marketing messages into an app, your F-commerce activity could benefit.

Volkswagen Youtube adds engage with their audience

Volkswagon LogoIf your corporation maintains a Youtube channel the chances are you have been trying to find an effective ads strategy that prevents your marketing messages from being closed as soon as they appear. It seems that Volkswagen have cracked that conundrum with a series of ads that viewers actually want to click on and watch.

The campaign uses the worst possible parodies of well-know songs and videos then directs the viewer to the original song and accompanying video with the tagline ‘don’t accept imitation’ as the ad campaign is to promote genuine used Volkswagen parts.

Helping Youtube visitors find the material they are searching for softens the marketing message that Volkswagen is trying to communicate. A simple yet highly effective campaign illustrates how placing the needs of consumers at the heart of the marketing message is key to reaching the audience and communicating a campaign’s message.

In Brief…

Jaguar boosts social media exposure to expand brand awareness

The luxury car manufacturer Jaguar is already active on the world’s leading social media networks with an iProspect engagement level of 12% The company has appointed We Are Social to handle its social media activity that the company is now pushing forward with. Emerging markets in China are a primary focus for their next wave of social activity. This news comes after GM announced it would be cutting its ad spend on Facebook effective immediately.

Corporation are now using single customer view data

Your corporation has mountains of data that it has been collecting from its social media channels, but a new report from Experian reveals that only 16% are using a single customer view (SCV) to track their customers across multiple social channels. Businesses can see the value of this level of data interrogation, but the Experian survey shows that over two-thirds of companies don’t know how to use that information effectively.

Nigel Wilson, Managing Director, Data & Analytics at Experian Marketing Services said “The benefits of a SCV are indisputable, both in terms of costs savings for the business and customer satisfaction, but our research shows that many marketers are still struggling to make effective use of the data that their business holds across multiple-channels. Some organisations are already on their way, so the rest need to see SCV as more than just an intangible ideal and instead a key business requirement for the future if they are to avoid being left behind by their competitors.”

Is Google+ affecting search campaigns?

Since Google+ went live in September the question many corporations are asking themselves whether Google+ is having any impact on their search marketing. A new report reveals that 68% are not aware of any effect with only 3% of the 500 agencies surveyed stating they felt Google+ had a positive effect. What is clear is that it’s too early to really draw any conclusions about the effect that Google+ is having.

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