By Liam Dowd - June 3rd, 2014

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Understanding YouTube

As video continues to be the most shared content of all across many social media networks, YouTube has become a major focus for corporate marketers. A new infographic illustrates that YouTube is not simply a North American phenomenon.

Some 80% of all YouTube users are outside of the US, with 60% of the traffic across the site is from countries where English is not their first language. And the UK is addicted to YouTube with over a third of the population being active, which includes the coveted 18-24 year olds that make up 76% of all users.

What is clear for brands is that YouTube may have been moving through some tumultuous times since its IPO, but is now a massive potential channel for all corporations.

International Youtube Stats

Digital marketers love Twitter

Research from LeadTail and PunchTab has shown clearly that when it comes to engaging with other marketers and then ultimately consumers, marketers favour the immediacy that Twitter offers. Their latest research concluded:

  • Digital marketers are the leaders and innovators when it comes to embracing emerging media and mobile friendly content such as videos, pictures, and audio – they are the trendsetters.
  • Social media, events, and popular culture are active, top-of-mind conversations for digital marketers. So playing off what’s currently happening is a good way to engage these media savvy marketers.
  • For many digital marketers, consuming and interacting with mainstream media is directly part of their job – don’t underestimate its ability to “steer the conversation” for this highly coveted audience.
  • Digital marketers also actively engage with industry media including marketing, technology, and business news to stay current and informed. This makes it a key channel for reaching and influencing these marketers.
  • Certain publications, brands, and people are highly influential with digital marketers – these are good starting points for building brand awareness and driving social amplification.
  • Twitter is clearly at the epicentre of marketing right across the corporate environment. Marketers should nurture these conversations and evolve the content that they communicate.

Marketers Sharing on Twitter

Myths of social sharing

A new infographic from RadiumOne is somewhat of an eye opener if your corporation is trying to understand how its customers share information across social media networks. According to the company a massive 72% of social media shares are achieved by cutting and pasting content, not by using a specific social media-sharing button.

Rupert Staines, Managing Director (EMEA) of RadiumOne on the company's blog says: “We live in a world of sharing. Billions of articles, items, and links are shared every single day. However, when people think "sharing", they immediately think Facebook and Twitter. This is a mistake, and an even bigger mistake for marketers, as sharing on these networks really is just the tip of the iceberg."



How to improve social CRM

Every corporation is aware that social media has had a profound and continuing impact on customer services. How much of an impact is the subject of an infographic from Fanhub.

The stats on offer here are somewhat of a wakeup call for all customer services department that continue to ignore the social aspect of their role. With 60% of consumers now interacting with brands via social channels, and customer response times shortening, as social media’s immediacy influence’s expectations, placing social media at the heart of your corporation’s customer services is a commercial imperative.

Social Customer Services

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