By Kate Rayner - November 2nd, 2020

Featuring: Sutter Health, TGI Fridays, Dolby, VoteBash

Webinar Recording: Voice of the Customer: Creating a Seamless, Personalized Experience That Boosts Loyalty

In this webinar we discuss:

With the rise in demand for digitalization seen in 2020, personal engagement with consumers via digital channels is more crucial than ever – Listen to your customers & learn from them in order to create a seamless experience that boosts loyalty & drives revenue

Learn to leverage technology in order to analyze, summarize and act on customer feedback across channels, geographies, customer segments, etc.

Real-time insights are a crucial piece of the puzzle - Understand the importance of the 'Voice of the customer' as a key driver for services delivery strategy & actions

Speakers include:

  • Jasmine Kim, Chief Marketing Officer, Sutter Health

  • Ana Pia Guzman-Briley, Director Customer Engagement & Loyalty, TGI Fridays

  • Carol Tran, Former Head of Growth, Dolby

  • Martijn Atell, CEO & Founder, VoteBash


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