By Tamsin Oxford - June 10th, 2015

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Social media provides a powerful tool for building brand identity and tying it to the rest of the organization’s efforts.

Social media is often touted as an essential ingredient for business success. It’s not. Any organization can survive without a Twitter account or updating its Facebook status.

But will they thrive? Not as well as the organization that’s harnessed social media as a tool to refine the brand, reinforce its credibility, communicate with its customers and engage with its users, stakeholders, and markets. This fact is further reinforced by a recent survey that saw 92% of business owners recognizing social media as important to the success of their organization.

“Social media is a step away from the one-way advertising campaigns that have shaped how brands create their very identity,” says Krishnan Chatterjee, Head of Strategic Marketing at HCL Technologies. “It’s no longer good enough to churn out company messaging and hope that a tag line resonates enough to encourage sales.”

Brands need to find the spaces in which their voices resonate and ensure that these voices are consistent with the overarching brand messaging that has gone before. Defining identity also requires the alignment of communications across all platforms. Logos, photographs, websites, marketing materials, billboards, television ads, campaigns, social media and business data must all be consistent.

This ensures that the brand is seen as a cohesive whole and consumers are far more likely to engage, and establish loyalty, with a brand image that’s unified and constant.

A Property Boom

Morgan Pryce, a commercial property management agency in London, has utilized social media as a way of building their brand in a crowded and noisy market.

“For us at Morgan Pryce, Twitter has been vital for building the brand,” says Ahmed Alansari, Media Manager at Morgan Pryce. “We update regularly and include news, reports and comment on current affairs on the property and business markets which make us look on the ball, in the know and most of all, up to date.”

The organization’s followers consist of property experts, rental experts, companies and a number of small to medium businesses that are looking for, or already renting, office space in London. The company uses social media to syndicate its audience into one platform and provides more opportunities to convert leads and followers into tenants.

“I believe that our commitment to building brand identity has also brought about brand loyalty as our followers feel they can trust Morgan Pryce,” adds Alansari.

Currently Morgan Pryce is using social media to launch a new competition that’s giving away tickets to the Shard and other London-focused events. These competitions run exclusively on social media platform and promote the areas in which the business currently operates, ensuring consistency and showing a clear understanding of its customers and their preferences.  

In the next installment, we'll cover HCL's next steps for building brand voice, and how you can go from having a voice to building a recognizable identity across channels.

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