By JBarrett - March 2nd, 2020

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In 2020, your competitive advantage lies in your ability to deliver coherent, personalized marketing campaigns. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and they will not accept an impersonal approach.
So, what does customer-centricity look like for marketers today? And how can your business take that one step further?
Get the answers you need in this must-attend Reuters Events webinar and be the competitive advantage your business needs. Join our panel of experts and establish the new level of customer-centricity that is required to engage customers in the age of inflated expectations.

Download the webinar recordings here

Take away key strategies:
- Put your customer at the forefront of all marketing decisions: What do your customers want? How are you solving their unmet needs? What are their painpoints?
- Present relevant, valuable information on your customer’s channel of choice: Where are they searching for your brand? And how can you be more readily available? How does your content need to vary based on channel?
- Cultivate a customer-centric workforce: How are you ensuring your workforce are driven by the customer’s needs? How are you creating a closed feedback loop internally and improving the overall customer experience?
Speakers include:
- Martin Leitner, ED, Global CRM Engagement, Activation & Analytics, Estee Lauder
- Maital Rasmussen, Head of Global Marketing, Roche 
- Will Cady, Head of Brand Strategy, Reddit
-      Alan Hart, Moderator, Marketing Today Podcast
-      Jasmine Kees, Global Project Director, Incite Group by Reuters Events


Download the webinar recordings here 

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