By Conference Recording - November 25th, 2015

Being a customer-centric organization is not only about having fantastic customer service agents, but also ensuring that every function in the company aligns with this goal.

As power continues to shift from providers to consumers, putting the customer at the heart of your strategy is more important than ever – uphold this and loyal, long-term customers will follow. - Foster an empowered, customer-centric and collaborative culture: Develop structures and processes to ensure your team understands individuals, not just segments, and focuses on relationships as well as performance metrics. - Re-orient your business model for customer-centric success: Move beyond the buzz-word – hear how to overcome the challenges associated with enacting a strategic transformation, so you’re no longer just “talking shop” about customer-centricity. - Define a clear CRM vision and strategy: Align executive, mid-level management and working teams to ensure customer-centricity is a priority and driving-force of day-to-day activities.

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