By Conference Recording - November 25th, 2015

A 30 minute session from #CSMCS

Identify, analyze and respond… fast:Rapid customer response drives huge benefits for your brand. Adopt an effective social listening strategy to flag potential issues; map out your workflows will ensure swift issue resolution Know what your customers want, and where to deliver it:Effective social listening and sentiment analysis can surface a wealth of previously hidden feedback. Unearth this information and use it to take your service strategy to the next level. Turn risk into opportunity through keeping ahead of the curve:Assess the social landscape in order to identify future issues and opportunities, thus diffusing high-pressure periods, and turning previously hidden risks into opportunities Provide context-rich support:In the sea of noise, it’s vital to break through and find the valuable insight. Profile your customer base so you can find the conversations that matter most, and then deliver a personalized and timely response.

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