By JBarrett - February 11th, 2020

Following the recent Reuters acquisition, the Incite Group are transforming their marketing series and launching a three-day flagship event in San Diego.

Following the recent Reuters acquisition, the Incite Group are transforming their marketing series and launching a three-day flagship event in San Diego. This meeting is 2020’s gathering of the marketing elite.

Download a copy of the New Brochure Here

Reuter’s Events have launched the Incite Marketing Summit(May, San Diego), releasing the agenda and theme – a call to end inauthentic, impersonal marketing. With an influx of new technology and big data, the past decade was a learning curve for the next phase of marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are truly data-backed, and personalization makes marketing valuable.

“It’s been a decade of data-fuelled opportunity and we’ve seen some of the most effective marketing campaigns in history, but we’ve also witnessed some of the most damaging –customer expectations are at an all-time high and brand trust at an all-time low. So the question is: how can we harness evolving martech, retain the human-element, and authentically connect with our customers? Come and celebrate this next phase with the marketing elite – and bring back brand trust.” – Jasmine Kees, Global Project Director, Reuter’s Events.


Four essential themes for 2020:


  1. Futureproof Your Brand with Purpose: Delivering a quality product is no longer enough to engage your customers. Consumers now expect brands to have a purpose and give back to humanity. It’s time to find and share your brand purpose.


  1. From Sell, Sell, Sell to Valuable Marketing: Customers want to engage with brands that offer them experiences beyond making a purchase. Deliver personalized marketing that is helpful and appreciated, rather than unwanted digital noise.


  1. The Future of Martech & Personalization: Embed insights from historical and real-time data, alongside these AI capabilities, to fully understand your customers and make an impact at every touchpoint. Save billions with martech and automation.


  1. Harness Influencers & Create Lasting Partnerships: Amplify your reach! Collaborate with the right influencers, build long lasting partnerships, create quality content, and coach them to do your brand justice.


Download a copy of the New Brochure Here


Speakers include:

  • Olivier Ropars, Chief Marketing Officer,Stubhub
  • Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, PBS
  • Leela Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey
  • Alex Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Growth, Grubhub
  • Erica Chan, Head of Brand and Marketing,
  • Erin Gulden, Vice President, Inbound Marketing, US Bank
  • Robert Deline, Vice President, Global Marketing, Intel
  • Carol Tran, Head of Growth, Dolby


“Brilliant brands, brilliant missions, and brilliant minds all in one place to share, listen, and learn from – it’s a collaborative, crowdsourced economy” – Alison Herzog, Director, Global Social Business & Digital Strategy, Dell


The Incite Marketing Summit will run from May 13-15 at the Mission Bay Resort & Spa in San Diego. Kicking off with the pre-summit workshops and registration party on the afternoon of May 13, the two-day summit will host a variety of case-study presentations, panel discussions, class-room style workshops and interactive roundtables attended by 300+ CMOs and marketing strategists.


Check out the website here:

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