By JBarrett - December 4th, 2019

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Hear from MasterCard and Philips on how to market behind a positive cause

More than ever, more brands are focusing their marketing around a brand mission or positive cause. This balancing act between championing a worthy cause and cynical corporate gimmick can be a tricky one to master but there can be no more powerful tool to build a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

We’ve seen fantastic examples of leveraging audience passions such as Mastercard’s partnership with UEFA which has seen the payments giant launch the ‘Start Something Priceless’ campaign. The campaign also most recently saw Mastercard supporting the local sporting community in Kiev through the building of football pitches. Aside from their community work, Mastercard enables children from across the world to act as mascots for a number of football’s most prestigious ties.

On the flip side of the purpose driven marketing coin, there have been some spectacular miscalculations. Pepsi Corporation being the most notable misfire with their Kendall Jenner ‘woke’ ad, their piggybacking of political protest movements led to the company apologising and pulling the ad after 24 hours. Furthermore, it’s important that a company's actions and values reflect the cause they’re supporting. Recently for International Women’s Day Brewdog released a limited edition beer which was branded pink and priced at 20% cheaper than their usual product, this backfired with women’s groups labelling the campaign over simplistic with the general consensus being it was an insensitive snatch at an important topic.

We at Reuters Events are addressing these topics and more by bringing together marketing leaders who aren’t just talking the talk but have walked the walk by pushing for real change through their marketing campaigns. We are running a free to listen webinar (10:00am GMT 11th December) with Jeannette Liendo, SVP Marketing and Communications from Mastercard and Stuart McGown, Head of Marketing Intelligence for Philips with topics of discussion to include:

•            Finding a cause which aligns with your brand and its wider mission

•            Make sure your message resonates with your core audience and beyond

•            Measure ROI and prove the benefit of marketing for cause

Register here to listen in or receive the recordings and ensure that your brand nails their next cause marketing campaign

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