It’s time to take the wheel. With an increasingly complex and competitive market, carriers and solutions providers need to unite now to tackle the present trends in telematics, mobility tech, fleet data analysis, customer marketing strategy and more.

Wow, what a time for the industry! I just saw this article on Amazon’s new AI equipped camera software and couldn’t help but be reminded of how quickly big disruptors have upturned traditional carriers in the last few years. The privacy issue is one that will need to be tackled in the years to come but the fact remains that these are the sorts of innovations that speed up Amazon’s processes and mitigate risk.

If it’s good enough for Bezos, why are traditional insurers still by and large so reticent to adapt with the times? Through articles like this and my conversations with my industry peers, I keep coming back to the fact that there is a wealth of similar solutions available on the market – ones that stand as an untapped resource for carriers to refine and streamline their claims processes – more efficiently handle data and analytics and so much more.

This March 15th-18th we will be hosting our inaugural Reuters Events Virtual Auto Insurance Roundtable Week – and if you think that’s a mouthful, wait until you see the amazing opportunities we have to collaborate and network in store in March.

I’m particularly eager to hear from the Insurtech sector; solutions providers, analytics, tech, AI and marketing companies – people who know they are onto the next product that the insurance industry is looking for.

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