With customer experience remaining steadfast at the forefront of carriers’ priority lists, discover how AI can revolutionize your CX strategy in Reuters Events’ upcoming webinar: "Experience the Difference: The Power of AI for Seamless CX” (Tuesday, March 5th, 11am EST.)  

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Featuring an expert panel: 

  • Preetha Sekharan, VP, Applied AI & Transformation, Unum 

  • Sarah Sinclair, VP, Corporate Counsel, Global Data, Privacy & AI, Prudential Financial 

  • Ian Blunt, VP Advanced Analytics, Highmark Health 

  • Raj Balasundaram, VP, Verint 

  • Lisa Wardlaw, President & Founder, 360 Digital Immersion 


…as they delve into: 

  • The Synergy of AI & CX: Explore how AI enhances customer journeys by streamlining processes and maintaining the human element 

  • Navigating Data & Perception for Implementation: Prepare your organization for successful AI integration, overcoming regulatory concerns and employee buy-in 

  • Strategic Prioritization for Customer Impact: Identify and prioritize areas where AI can deliver significant improvements in customer satisfaction 


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AI is revolutionizing customer experience as we know it – don’t get left in the dust.