Access the Connected Auto Insurance 2020 report and make sure your Auto business; personal or commercial, is delivering on customer expectations and maximizing the opportunities that available technologies like telematics, IoT, AI and analytics offer.

The automotive sector is on the cusp of a huge wave of change, rivalled only by historic moments such as Ford Model Ts rolling off the construction line or the deep-seated impact of the 1973 oil crisis. This time, however, it is not just one technological frontier disrupting the sector, but multiple innovations that are already making their mark.

Insurance Nexus by Reuters Events have produced the Connected Auto Insurance 2020 report to make sure Auto insurance businesses; personal or commercial, can deliver on customer expectations and maximize the opportunities that available technologies like telematics, IoT, AI and analytics offer.

As well as gaining insight from over 1200 North American insurance executives, get the detail on what this means for an insurance organization from industry experts, including:

  • Shannon Lewandowski, Innovation and Digital Team – IoT, American Modern

  • Lorenzo Morganti, Big Data/AI Senior Project Lead, AXA

  • Glen Clarke, Head of Transformational Propositions, Allianz

  • Eugene Y. Wen, Vice President, Group Advanced Analytics, Manulife

  • Amrish Singh, Vice President of Product, Enterprise, Metromile

  • Allison Whittington, Head of Housing, Zurich Municipal

And many more…

Download the report now

By downloading the report readers can discover the vital strategic steps you must take in 2020 in order to keep pace with an ever-evolving Auto insurance ecosystem; validated by industry statistics based on 1200 insurance carrier executives and technology leaders.

Justify next steps for investment with 7 easy-to-decipher infographics that clearly demonstrate technology trends, carrier ambitions, investment strategies and partnerships and learn from your peers through 3 in-depth case studies focussing on ‘Open APIs Open Up Business Opportunities,’ ‘Tracking Through Tags, Pulses and Apps,’ & ‘Enabling Mobility-Based Insurance.’

You can also access exclusive viewpoints including James Spears’ take on ‘OEMs Muscling In: The Battle for FNOL’ so that your next step towards OEM collaboration is informed and profitable.

Understand the ‘state of the industry’ and where it’s heading through a wealth of articles, commentary, and debate on the impact of OEMs and how carriers will respond, new models of car ownership, autonomous vehicles and commercial fleet developments so that you remain on the cutting edge.  

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