What you can expect from the most senior and diverse line-up

Richard Tew - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Richard Tew Pharma Country Head and Country President Australia and New Zealand Novartis

Sophie Hibburd - Headshot
Medicines Australia - Logo

Sophie Hibburd Director of Ethics & Compliance Medicines Australia

Elizabeth de Somer - Headshot
Medicines Australia - Logo

Elizabeth de Somer CEO Medicines Australia

Nicole Johnston - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Nicole Johnston Head of Gene Therapy Novartis

Richard Vines - Headshot
Rare Cancers Australia - Logo

Richard Vines Chief Executive Rare Cancers Australia

Jessica Bean - Headshot
Patient Voice Initiative - Logo

Jessica Bean Chair Patient Voice Initiative

Nicole Millis - Headshot
Rare Voices Australia - Logo

Nicole Millis CEO Rare Voices Australia

Liz Chatwin - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Liz Chatwin Country President Australia and NZ AstraZeneca

Chris Stemple - Headshot
AbbVie - Logo

Chris Stemple General Manager and VP AbbVie

Christi Kelsey - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Christi Kelsey General Manager GSK

Stefan Miljkovic - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Stefan Miljkovic Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation Novartis

Tsumi Smith - Headshot
AbbVie - Logo

Tsumi Smith Head of Multi-Channel AbbVie

David Tran - Headshot
Boehringer Ingelheim - Logo

David Tran Customer Experience Manager Boehringer Ingelheim

Erin Russell - Headshot

Erin Russell Former General Manager Spotlyte, an Allergan Company

Paul White - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Paul White Marketing Specialist, Oncology Novartis

Peter Said - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Peter Said Head of Patient Engagement Asia Pacific Region Bayer

Dr Jason Gavin - Headshot
Leo Pharma - Logo

Dr Jason Gavin General Manager Australia and NZ Leo Pharma

Jason Silverstone - Headshot
Eli Lilly - Logo

Jason Silverstone Previously Medical Director Eli Lilly

Mutsa Madondo - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Mutsa Madondo Medical Manager AstraZeneca

James Muecke - Headshot

James Muecke Australian of the Year

Gisela Mautner - Headshot
APPA - Logo

Gisela Mautner President APPA

Brigid Waite - Headshot
Roche - Logo

Brigid Waite Associate Medical Director Roche

Peter Stephenson - Headshot

Peter Stephenson Managing Director West 53rd St Digital

Jonathon Moore - Headshot
Janssen - Logo

Jonathon Moore Corporate and Government Affairs Manager Janssen

Jeppe Theisen - Headshot
Novo Nordisk - Logo

Jeppe Theisen VP & General Manager, Oceania Novo Nordisk

Matt Britland - Headshot
Amgen - Logo

Matt Britland Medical Director Amgen

Alan Watts - Headshot
AbbVie - Logo

Alan Watts Medical Director AbbVie

Connor Holmes - Headshot
Atlantis Healthcare - Logo

Connor Holmes Country Manager Atlantis Healthcare

Catherine Vaughan - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Catherine Vaughan Director of Patient Access and Strategic Partnerships Novartis

Stuart Englund - Headshot
Janssen - Logo

Stuart Englund Government and Corporate affairs counsel Janssen

Orin Chisholm - Headshot

Orin Chisholm Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Medicine University of New South Wales

Peter van Wijngaarden - Headshot

Peter van Wijngaarden Associate Professor Centre for Eye Research Australia, KeepSight Steering Committee member Diabetes Australia

Mahesh Malalage - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Mahesh Malalage Marketing Lead: IBD Takeda

Amanda Fuller - Headshot

Amanda Fuller Managing Partner DDB Remedy

Angela Cheong - Headshot
NTT Cloud Communications - Logo

Angela Cheong Head of Revenue Marketing and Communications, APAC NTT Cloud Communications

David Meacham - Headshot
Trilations - Logo

David Meacham Director, Australia & New Zealand Trilations

Joeri De Haes - Headshot
Trilations - Logo

Joeri De Haes Director Japan & Asia Pacific Trilations

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Fleur Gill - Headshot
Elsevier - Logo

Fleur Gill Commercial Sales Director – APAC Elsevier

Simon Davies - Headshot
Bastion Brands - Logo

Simon Davies Managing Director Bastion Brands

Sherlynn Tan - Headshot
NTT Cloud Communications - Logo

Sherlynn Tan Healthcare Digital Success Director NTT Cloud Communications

Louise Ryves - Headshot
MedicalDirector - Logo

Louise Ryves General Manager, Ecosystem MedicalDirector

Sudhir Kandarth - Headshot
Veeva - Logo


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Stephen Brown - Headshot
Veeva - Logo


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Francesca Manglaviti - Headshot

Francesca Manglaviti Crohns Patient Advocate

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Bryn McGeever - Headshot
ADG - Logo

Bryn McGeever Managing Director ADG

Jason Wegrzyn - Headshot
ADG - Logo

Jason Wegrzyn CMO ADG

Julia Walsh - Headshot
Brand Medicine International - Logo

Julia Walsh Brand Medicine International

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Dawn Mogey - Headshot
On Q Recruitment - Logo

Dawn Mogey Management Consultant On Q Recruitment