The Industry Shaping Agenda


Chairman’s introduction


New normal, new patient access opportunity

  • Understand how Medicines Australia are working with industry to overcome growing reimbursement challenges
  • Deconstruct the implications of Federal Budget Review on current market access models
  • No more cuts! How new industry and government partnerships are fighting to break the current cycle and ensure wider patient access

Liz Chatwin Country President Australia and NZ AstraZeneca

Richard Tew Pharma Country Head and Country President Australia and New Zealand Novartis


A brave new access world: Unlocking new systems for Cell & Gene Therapies 

  • Discover how health eco-systems can adapt and ensure patient access to a new class of therapies
  • Understand what determines “value” and the more sustainable, risk-sharing pricing innovations available
  • Create a shared mission to widen C> access by forging new collaborative channels with national and state level government

Catherine Vaughan Director of Patient Access and Strategic Partnerships Novartis


Work with the National Medicines Policy: A new structure to better health outcomes in the new normal

  • The current the system is not fit for purpose: How to make sure the next one supports new technologies and empowers your medical, commercial and access teams
  • Understand the upcoming terms of reference for National Medicines Policy and what preparation now can make it work for you
  • Make your voice heard in policy creation

Richard Vines Chief Executive Rare Cancers Australia

Stuart Englund Government and Corporate affairs counsel Janssen

Orin Chisholm Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Medicine University of New South Wales


The Power Of Search Listening To Really Define The Patient

Discover how Search Listening (as an extension to Social Listening) can be leveraged to enrich patient insights and act as a mechanism to deploy truly patient-centric disease education materials and activate the sales funnel.

Julia Walsh Brand Medicine International


The Big Shift – 5 trends impacting Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • COVID 19 has been a massive catalyst for change in everything we do and it has had a profound impact on Pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Simon Davies, founder and CEO of Bastion Brands, Australia’s Leading Health agency discusses the 5 key trends in the market place.
  • Simon provides results from a survey Bastion Brands conducted in November 2019 and June 2020 (Pre and months into Covid) and deep research across many pharmaceutical companies across both Primary and Specialised care.
  • Importantly, Simon offers suggestions and recommendations for what Pharmaceutical Brand marketers can do to navigate the shifts and grow and win market share in the process.

Simon Davies Managing Director Bastion Brands


Life Sciences Salaries Flatline for the 1st Time in 14 Years & What is Keeping Managers Awake At Night?

  • Key insights from On Q's 2020 Salary & Engagement Survey
  • Mental Well-being remains a challenge for Managers
  • What is happening in the industry right now? Are we all in the same boat or are you sailing your own course?
  • What key issues are keeping managers awake at night?

Dawn Mogey Management Consultant On Q Recruitment




Case Study: Make the patient voice heard in HTA decision making

  • How the Patient Voice Initiative is working with the Department of HTA to include patient perspectives on the value of innovative medicines in assessment
  • Find novel patient insight using new digital tools to engage hard-to-reach patient communities
  • How to create capacity then train your team to empower patients to participate in access model creation

Jessica Bean Chair Patient Voice Initiative


Case Study: ‘Patients Like Us’

Patients like us’ is an internal initiative and platform that seeks to influence the way, we at Bayer approach our day-to-day work, by putting ourselves in the shoes of our patients.

  • How do we move the needle on patient centricity from a ‘nice to have’ or ‘buzz word’ to one that is truly embedded into the company’s DNA?
  • Why defining the company’s WHY is crucial when connecting to a sense of purpose. We can all describe what we do and how, but do we know WHY we do what we do?
  • How to take patient centricity ‘off the wall and into the hands of our people’ and to make it a tangible reality rather than an abstract concept

Peter Said Head of Patient Engagement Asia Pacific Region Bayer


Responding to Rare: How the National Strategic Action Plan will support equitable access

  • Find out how and why the National Strategic Action Plan for Rare Diseases was developed.
  • The call for reimbursement pathways that are fit-for-purpose and sustainable. Strategies to ensure equitable patient access to the best available health technology.
  • How to identify and tackle unmet patient, strategic and capacity needs, and support patient access

Nicole Millis CEO Rare Voices Australia


Live Q&A


The evolution of digital engagement 

Hear from Stephen Brown, as he uses data to unlock some on the key trends for HCP engagement across Australia and the wider APAC region. He will take a look at HCP digital behaviour during the past 12 months, deep-diving into speciality areas and lastly will tell us why he thinks the future will be different.



Planning for a crisis: Lessons learnt from pharma’s response to COVID-19 and the 2020 bushfire

  • Launch during lockdown: Understand the new “virtual launch” best practices that will drive future hybrid strategy evolution
  • Discover what it means for processes, cultures and companies to be agile in a crisis
  • Understand new systems created to withstand possible future crises and secure supply-chains ensuring patient needs are met

Liz Chatwin Country President Australia and NZ AstraZeneca

Chris Stemple General Manager and VP AbbVie

Christi Kelsey General Manager GSK

Jeppe Theisen VP & General Manager, Oceania Novo Nordisk



Interactive Roundtable - ‘Field Force 2.0 – Digital Transformation’

These three Roundtables will run concurrently. Please register for your discussion of choice and your zoom link will be sent before the session.

  • How to build company-wide belief in new digital tools
  • Discover new opportunities and important HCP contact channels with data
  • Identify capacity gaps and increase digital knowledge and competency across functions
  • How to spot, introduce and leverage relevant out of industry innovations

Peter Stephenson Managing Director West 53rd St Digital


Interactive Roundtables - How to establish equity, integrity and respect when working with patient groups

These three Roundtables will run concurrently. Please register for your discussion of choice and your zoom link will be sent before the session.

  • Understand what equity, integrity and respect means to a patient group
  • Learn how to build partnerships thar are considered successful by both sides
  • Discover and share the challenges and success stories of implementation

Francesca Manglaviti Crohns Patient Advocate


AbbVie case study: How to make your voice heard above record levels of digital noise

  • New COVID-19 customer preferences: Discover how AbbVie succeeded in tracking and responding to ever changing requirements
  • Cut through the noise but don’t spam - how to tactfully engage without getting in the way
  • Why working together to avoid customer fatigue is a cross-pharma priority

Tsumi Smith Head of Multi-Channel AbbVie


Changing Customer realities & expectations – Using Omnichannel Insights to deliver the optimal Customer Experience

  • Discover how to design your strategy to maximise Customer Centricity
  • Use VoC insights & Advanced Analytics to deliver a personalised engagement plan
  • See how a strategic focus on Channel mix, Content & Cadence can shift the needle on performance

David Meacham Director, Australia & New Zealand Trilations

Joeri De Haes Director Japan & Asia Pacific Trilations


Novartis case study: Embrace digital & data as a catalyst for cross-functional customer engagement

  • Embrace the chance for change: Design a strategy to meet your customers where they are in the ‘new normal’ journey
  • Understand the key components of a digital strategy that can succeed across medical and commercial capabilities
  • How to bring people on board, create internal capacity, and invest to achieve organization-wide transformation

Stefan Miljkovic Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation Novartis


Live Q&A


Re-Thinking Clinical Content to Re-Shape Healthcare Professionals Engagement

  • Understand the drivers of HCP engagement when delivering educational content
  • Learn about the Value of great content to HCPs
  • Discover the impact your Content Partner can make with HCPs

Fleur Gill Commercial Sales Director – APAC Elsevier


What HCP’s want: Cater for changing customer experience needs

  • Understand how pharma is identifying crisis management priorities for customer experience
  • Discover how to understand, track, and cater for changing customer experience preferences in the digital environment
  • Clarify what HCPs want from medical, commercial and marketing engagement

Sherlynn Tan Healthcare Digital Success Director NTT Cloud Communications

David Tran Customer Experience Manager Boehringer Ingelheim

Amanda Fuller Managing Partner DDB Remedy

Mahesh Malalage Marketing Lead: IBD Takeda


The future of pharma is customer experience

  • Understand the barriers that have slowed CX implementation
  • Bring the whole company along: Develop cross-functional CX strategies with your digital, medical, patient and commercial teams to deliver company-wide value
  • Discover how Boehringer Ingelheim embarked on a company-wide CX transformation to drive more value for HCPs and patients

David Tran Customer Experience Manager Boehringer Ingelheim


Enabling & Empowering Doctors in a Digital World

  • Transition or die – The impact of “jumping 5 years in only 8 weeks”
  • GP expectations on accessing information in a post COVID world
  • Developing new strategies for online engagement with Doctors

Bryn McGeever Managing Director ADG

Jason Wegrzyn CMO ADG


Live Q&A




Novartis Case Study: The rep of the future

  • Learn how Novartis are digitally empowering their salesforce to provide increased customer value
  • Connect your entire field force. A new operating model that connects field units to increasingly collaborative access, marketing, medical and patient teams
  • Train your salesforce to deliver a hybrid engagement strategy balancing face-to-face interaction and backend process

Paul White Marketing Specialist, Oncology Novartis



What if we could access the information we needed to bring new and improved treatments to market sooner? What if we could zero in on the patient populations that were truly in need, both in trial and treatment phases? What if the different segments of our healthcare industry worked together to make transformative improvements in health, promote wellbeing, and prolong life? We can. In this 15-minute session, we’ll hear from Louise Ryves, General Manager of Ecosystem at MedicalDirector about how insight and access into primary care is driving measurable patient outcomes.

Louise Ryves General Manager, Ecosystem MedicalDirector


The customer is still always right: How to identify and even predict HCP needs

  • Discover how Spotlyte (an Allergan company) identified a gap in educational resources and built a media inspired platform to bridge it
  • Learn how out-of-industry innovation inspired a multi-channel strategy that built new routes to market for previously unidentified customer pools

Erin Russell Former General Manager Spotlyte, an Allergan Company


Live Q&A


Blinded by sugar

James Muecke Australian of the Year


Life after lockdown: Foster genuine patient group partnerships after COVID

  • Discover what patients value most from the current virtual innovations - and how to work with patients now to further develop them in the new normal
  • Identify the most important areas for future partnerships and discover how to prioritise these projects
  • Explore how new technologies can streamline patient partnerships and widen access for vulnerable groups

James Muecke Australian of the Year

Peter Said Head of Patient Engagement Asia Pacific Region Bayer

Connor Holmes Country Manager Atlantis Healthcare

Peter van Wijngaarden Associate Professor Centre for Eye Research Australia, KeepSight Steering Committee member Diabetes Australia


How Leo Pharma created true company loyalty and empowered female leadership

  • The secrets behind Leo’s highest sustainability score for X years in pharma
  • Learn how to make the most COVID sparked culture change and working styles to increase female leadership throughout your organisation
  • Provide an environment that nurtures equality and loyalty, ensuring your organisation retains its top talent

Dr Jason Gavin General Manager Australia and NZ Leo Pharma


Seeking security: Inspire and grow your team through uncertainty and change

  • Learn how Novo Nordisk empowered their workforce to innovate within the changing environment of COVID
  • Discover how staff support and collaborative strategic planning were vital to how Novo Nordisk united its team around its purpose
  • How supporting people holistically has shaped Novo Nordisk’s strategies for growth, recruitment, cultural change, and commercial transformation in 2021.

Jeppe Theisen VP & General Manager, Oceania Novo Nordisk


Medicines Australia deep-dive workshop

  • Get context on key changes in the Code of Conduct including improved strategies for managing adverse events
  • Understand how the new code supports Medical functions and empowers medical affairs to thrive along-side commercial strategy
  • Learn how to implement the new code and ensure compliance to the new updates
  • Extended Q&A

Sophie Hibburd Director of Ethics & Compliance Medicines Australia


Understand and employ the three pillars of medical engagement

  • Explore why education, evidence generation and insight gathering are the cornerstones of effective medical engagement
  • Discover how to create engagement plans that incorporate best practice for communication and strategic thinking to achieve long-term HCP relationships
  • Learn why employing consistent education and development for your scientific acumen is the key to building relationships and shaping future strategy

Mutsa Madondo Medical Manager AstraZeneca


Reflections on COVID-19 - how will this change the nature of field medical?

  • Understand the implications of virtual engagement over face-to-face
  • Discover the evolving multi-channel MSL
  • What is the new normal - will we ever move on from transmissible viruses?

Alan Watts Medical Director AbbVie


Prove the value of medical at the leadership table: Determine key metrics to benchmark medical team performance and prove ROI

  • Redefine what the value of Medical is and how it can be measured
  • Discover how to challenge traditional simplistic metrics which may not translate into patient outcomes and the Quality Use of Medicine
  • Learn how to communicate what Medical Affairs does to impact to internal leadership

Matt Britland Medical Director Amgen


Live Q&A


Play to win in the 'war for medical talent': Key elements of a winning people strategy

  • Discover how to leverage company brand, departmental reputation and working environment to recruit pharma’s future medical leaders
  • Learn how to balance experience and ‘culture add’ to ensure team diversity, cohesion and success
  • How to create strategies for empowerment, engagement and development to ensure top talent retention
  • Understand where COVID has broken down pre-existing barriers and learn how to take advantage of the new normal

Jason Silverstone Previously Medical Director Eli Lilly


In conversation: APPA and Medicines Australia

  • Understand the role of medical affairs in pharma today, especially in the context of the new code of conduct
  • Ensure the integrity of the MSL role while facing increasing commercial pressure
  • See the value offering medical affairs offers in pharma’s new virtual world in light of the growing avenues to education available for HCPs

Gisela Mautner President APPA

Brigid Waite Associate Medical Director Roche

Sophie Hibburd Director of Ethics & Compliance Medicines Australia

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