The Week of May 22nd: 10 things eft's been reading

Uber freight was front and center on our radar this week. They’re going to be on-hand at the 3PL Summit in Chicago in a couple weeks time (June 14-16) along-side Otto. Just saying, might be worth checking it out.

1. On-queue. ‘With Uber Freight, Travis Takes on Trucking’ [Wired]

2. Speaking of disintermediation and automation, Amazon Go, the autonomous grocery store (can we call it that?) is possibly coming to the UK, as if the grocery market wasn’t crowded enough. ‘Amazon's checkout-less Go stores could be coming to the UK.’ [endgadget]

3. Here’s one vision on the supermarket of the future. ‘The Supermarket of the Future.’ [Consumer Reports]

4. The multi-trillion dollar question. ‘Self-driving car technology: When will the robots hit the road?’ [McKinsey]

5. As Uber launches its freight service, Kevin O’Marah weighs in on the concept of Uberization and how it should be approached by the supply chain. ‘Uber your supply chain’ [Forbes]

6. Brick and mortar is still fighting – and technology could actually help. ‘Google is now using deep learning to measure store visits.’ [TechCrunch]

7. Brick and mortar’s relationship with eCommerce continues to be complex. ‘Web-Retail Startups Turn for Growth to Bricks and Mortar.’ [WSJ]

8. Fast fashion is getting faster. It shows how continuous a process innovation is. ‘Report: 'Ultra-fast' fashion players gain on Zara, H&M.’ [RetailDIVE]

9. Physical isn’t getting replaced by digital. In stores but also with startups. ‘Flexport unveils ‘physical logistics’ plan’ [Lloyd’s Loading List]

10. Finally – as we approach June 8th here in the UK, experts weigh in on how retail will be affected by Brexit. ‘Speed, sourcing and sterling: How Brexit is affecting supply chain.’ [RetailWeek]


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