The Week of May 15th: 10 things eft's been reading

This week: China booms (again), Google changes the game (again) and you missed delivery for your package (again)

1. China’s economy is shifting at the hands of some of the biggest players in eCommerce. Here is exactly how. ‘The Rise of China's New Economy Titans in Seven Simple Charts.’ [Bloomberg]

2. is one of said companies transforming China. ‘ launches logistics unit’ [SupplyChainAnalysis]

3. The biggest news last week was the ransomware hack that crippled many major businesses around the world. In the UK the NHS was hit particularly hard, but it’s worth noting that many logistics companies were hit as well: FedEx, Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways. ‘Ransomware attack: Who's been hit.’ [CNN]

4. Supply chain talent is one of the biggest challenges companies are facing across the board. In that spirit, here is the top rated course. ‘MIT master’s program in supply chain management ranked No. 1 in the world.’ [MIT News]

5. But maybe companies are looking in the wrong places. ‘Amazon: 'find the best people for logistics outside logistics' [The Loadstar]

6. Supply chain risk is a constant factor in how manufacturers and retailers build their supply chain strategies. FM Global has created an index on which countries are most immune to disruption. ‘Which country has the most resilient supply chain of them all?’ [Supply Chain Quarterly]

7. Of all places, San Francisco is considering banning sidewalk deliver robots. ‘San Francisco considers ban on sidewalk delivery robots.’ [Cnet]

8. Google’s I/O keynote happened yesterday. One particular technology jumped out at me in terms of its usability to supply chains. Google says they have made it such that a mobile phone camera can act like a search box. Think of the impact this can/will have on consumers – on warehouse workers, etc. ‘Google Lens Turns Your Camera Into a Search Box.’ [Wired]

9. Despite the UK’s eCommerce leadership, it turns out that 78% of customers are experiencing poor delivery – to such an extent that they would switch to an alternative retailer next time. ‘Online shoppers alienated by poor delivery experiences.’ [Post & Parcel]

10. Data meets logistics – remember a few weeks back when I said Amazon was launching a trucking data service? It turns out there’s real demand for it. ‘The Best Way To Transmit Satellite Data? In Trucks. Really.’ [Wired]


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