The Week of May 8th: 10 things eft's been reading

This week is all about automation.

1) This headline speaks for itself. Should there be greater responsibility for those working in supply chain to consciously think about the ramifications of automation? ‘Robot & Us: Self-Driving Trucks Are Coming to Save Lives and Kill Jobs.’ [Wired]

2) It turns out that the regions impacted by automation aren’t equal. Fortunately the Institute for Spatial Economic Analysis has study into just this. ‘Do you live on the front lines of automation?’ [FastCompany]

3) The battle to cut the tole of packaging on the environment continues. ‘Target Vows to Use Its Power & Scale to See that All Packaging Is Recyclable.’ [Environmental Leader]

4) Flexe is effectively the Airbnb for warehousing space. Having worked with them extensively since their launch 2013, they continue to gather steam. (here’s a webinar we did with them)  ‘This Startup is the Airbnb of Warehouses and Has Amazon in Its Sights.’ [Bloomberg]

5) Maybe there’s another opportunity for this type of business model (Airbnb). ‘UPS Wants Retailers To Pay For Unfilled Space.’ [PYMNTS]

6) One of the effective ways to kick-start customer centricity is by way of content marketing. It can allow your supply chain to effectively engage customers to help them value products, understand innovations and learn what the company does. GE is a leader in this space.  ‘GE’s new web series takes nerding out on industrial tech to the limit.’ [FastCompany]

7) I keep saying it, everyone’s doing an autonomous car. Here’s that ecosystem. ‘Mapped: The top 263 companies racing toward autonomous cars.’ [Wired]

8) Yes, Uber is a transport company – The EU. ‘European court aide rules Uber is a transport company.’ [BBC]

9) Amazon keeps making money despite repeated efforts not to. Logistics are partly to blame. ‘Amazon unveils key logistics arm sales surge.’ [Financial Times]

10) Another battleground of automation. ‘Amazon trounces rivals in battle of the shopping 'bots'.’ [CNBC]


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