• Alstom injects 100MW into the grid

    Alstom’s full scale tidal stream device that is installed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, has now injected over 100MWh of electricity into the grid.

  • DP Marine Energy’s Simon De Pietro on consenting process

    Tidal Today talks to Simon De Pietro, Director, DP Marine Energy about project planning especially consenting and uncertainty on technology readiness.

  • Leading tidal stakeholders to collaborate in London

    Leading developers including Scottish Power Renewables, GDF Suez and DP Marine Energy have committed to driving down the cost of energy at the tidal energy industries annual meeting this November in London.

  • TSB to deliver MESAT competition results in November

    This November the Technology Strategy Board will deliver the second Marine Energy Supporting Array Technology (MESAT) dissemination event at the annual International Tidal Energy Summit on the 25th November in London.

  • DCNS: planning for a EUR1bn business

    In 2008, French naval defence company DCNS made the decision to diversify its portfolio of activities and invest in a wide range of 'ocean energy' technologies, including tidal. We look at the company that acquired OpenHydro and what they hope to achieve in the short and long-term.

  • François Piquet and Jean Michel Sevin on Normandy’s promise

    West Normandy Marine Energy president François Piquet and Ports of Normandy chief executive Jean Michel Sevin discuss developments at France’s foremost tidal power hub.

  • Rob Saunders, Head of Energy at the Technology Strategy Board

    Tidal Today speaks to Rob Saunders of the TSB on how it is working to bring the best new tidal energy technologies to market faster by bridging the gap between concept and commercialisation.

  • Anders Jannson, CEO Minesto

    Standfirst: Tidal Today speaks with the CEO and founder of Minesto, a tidal device developer, on the market drivers behind low velocity current devices in the UK and other island nations.

  • Mexican tidal project to tackle fresh water, electricity and marine life sustainabilty

    The Tiburón Agua y Electricidad project in Mexico aims to provide major megawatts and fresh water to supply large parts of North Western Mexico and the Southwest US. It also claims plans for a reef-growing infrastructure that will keep sea life and fishermen happy.