New kids on the blockchain

Why does this blockchain thing even matter?

"The problem with blockchain jokes is that is can take an hour to get the punchline..."(1)

If that wasn't a funny joke for you, then chances are you're exactly the person we're starting this blog for! 

Over the past few weeks, we have been speaking to the top dogs of major utilities, IPPs and developers right across the world to understand what are their biggest challenges and where are the biggest opportunities. 

They're seeing more and more headlines related to Bitcoins, blockchains, Etherium's than they can process, and more that seem to be appearing right out the (excuse the pun) ether! 

But they're not silly to be taking notice. They want to get on the gravy train before it leaves the station. Just look at all the money flowing into cryptocurrency - though we'll talk about that more in our next post! 

Unfortunately, unless your a 20-something snapback wearing technical whizz trying to save the world with code from Starbucks then you're unlikely to have a complete grasp of what blockchain is, how it works and why it's going to be such an incredibly disruptive technology for energy companies. 

If you're happy to admit you don't fit the profile above (don't worry, it's us too!) then you might really struggle to process all the hype and end up wasting resources wrapping your head around blockchain. That will effect your focus, and cost you vital time you could have spent on current projects!

The problem for most CEO's, asset, BD, operations and supply chain managers right now is that a lot of the information around blockchain is wrapped up in jargon and concepts that are just incredibly difficult to understand.

We all want to take advantage of blockchain as a transformative technology to unlock new efficiencies and even revolutionize Certificates of Origin, decentralized electric vehicle storage, demand response and smart contracts and so much more - but where on earth do you start?

Where do any of us?!?!

That's where we believe we can help.

Every day we research, analyze and simplify advanced concepts to ensure that anyone and everyone can take advantage of essential industry best practices and latest innovations that might otherwise have people stumped. 

We all want to increase the profitability of our assets, teams, and businesses, but if we have to devote too much time to researching, understanding and reporting back upon the blockchain industry then we may simply be wasting valuable energy that could be better spent doing our day jobs!

Afterall, it would be ironic for an industry like ours to waste energy wouldn't it?

For this reason, we founded this spin-off of New Energy Update as your #1 resource for gaining the key insights you need to better understand the potential and utility of blockchain within your business area.

We'll publish super regular updates to guide you through our own learnings in the blockchain, layman to layman so that you can focus on what really matters while still staying ahead of the curve!

If you're keen to be a part of our journey, feature in a new post as an expert, or simply ask us an honest question then just get in touch using our details below. In a few days, we'll launch an open network to allow you to connect with peers and experts globally across the energy industry. 

We hope you can join us there too and utilize us as a safe place to ask, be asked and get the critical insight on blockchain you need!

What's more, you can just subscribe to our blog below to get notified every time we post something new!

Look forward to working with you all!

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