Blockchain events, decision makers and spell check

Where have we been?

Long time no speak!

Well, you'd probably forgotten all about us after the last month of radio silence - fair enough! 

It's been busy because we've been away speaking at events (slides below) and talking to more and more decision-makers about their hopes, worries and ambitions for decentralised technology in energy. My word the potential is huge! 

So where are we now?

The traditional Gartner hype curve kind of oversimplifies it, but I would say we're approaching 'peak confusion and buzz' because for every genuinely promising blockchain application hitting trials there are at least ten more spurious looking ICO's.  

Maybe the very best telltale signal that we're on our way to enlightenment and productivity will be when our computer spell checkers stop flagging blockchain with the red sqiggle of doom and understands that it is a proper word that's here to stay like 'Google' and 'Facebook'?

So what did we learn on our adventures?

After lot's of frank discussions the last few weeks with major energy executives we've come up with a plan that will hopefully tick an awful lot off theirs and your own list of most pressing questions and sticking points. 

First, we'll give you the presentation and audio from our blockchain in renewables presentation in Dallas TX last month so you can refamilarize yourself with not on the basic functions of blockchain, but also explore some basic potential applications. 

Next up, we'll give you a clear walk through the various consensus mechanisms that support the decentralized features of the blockchain network. 

And then, this summer we'll host a whole bunch of webinars that will explore the most advanced applications currently in development, including equity trading, supply chain management and grid balancing. 

Hope this will help, but just shout at or @EnergyInf if you want to see anything else covered too!