The latest stats on Insurance IoT trends ...

New for 2018, Insurance Nexus has partnered with Matteo Carbone at the Connected Insurance Observatory to undertake a first-of-its-kind 500-respondent survey on the state of IoT in all the major insurance lines - below is a teaser sample of our stats. 

With the full Connected Insurance Report due out this summer, please feel free in the meantime to download our latest research piece on Unlocking the Value Proposition for Connected Insurance ...


--- In which business lines are you using Insurance IoT? ---




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Unlocking the Value of Connected Insurance here!




--- Who manages connected insurance products? And which insurer departments are impacted? ---




--- Which aspects of insurance will benefit from IoT Technologies? ---





 Check out our latest research: 

Unlocking the Value of Connected Insurance - here!




--- In which insurance lines are IoT Technologies the most established? ---





--- Which insurance lines will be most disrupted by IoT technologies in the next 12 months? ---



--- What are the three main technology challenges, and the three main business challenges, in developing Insurance IoT products? ---




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