Transform Europe Agenda: Sustainability is Your Business Imperative

9:00am – 9:45am (CET) Full

Business Imperative Keynote: Integrating Sustainable Practices into Everyday Business

Longstanding internal practices for operations and suppliers are misaligned with sustainability goals. Conflicting KPIs, different incentives, and incompatible timelines mean that sustainability actively competes with the traditional deliverables of cost, time and quality. Join us as we discuss the most effective ways companies have found to take a ‘sustainability-first' approach.

Cristina Kenz Chief Sustainability & Growth Officer Kraft Heinz

Rachel Samrén Chief External Affairs, Governance and Trust Officer Telia Company AB

MODERATOR: Aris Vrettos Director, Centre for Business Transformation CISL

Sustainable Procurement Keynote: The Invaluable Role Procurement is Playing in Delivering the Sustainability Agenda

As a result of its day-to-day engagement with manufacturers, suppliers, and coalitions along the entire supply chain, the procurement function is uniquely positioned to accelerate transformation, and deliver on ESG commitments. Hear from the procurement leaders that are transforming their own role and utilising it in the interest of pushing forward the sustainability agenda across all their areas of influence.

9:45am – 10:00am (CET)

Fireside Chat

Jim Townsend Chief Procurement Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Sarah Mukherjee MBE CEO IEMA

10:00am – 10:45am (CET)

Live Panel

Dave Ingram Chief Procurement Officer Unilever

Renata Scofield Global Senior Director, Environmental Stewardship GSK

MODERATOR: Martin Baxter Director of Policy and External Affairs IEMA

10:45am – 11:00am (CET) Full

Humanising Your Supply Chain Through Increased Transparency, Direct Partnerships and Wider Collaborations

Businesses must dramatically shift and prioritise, engage, and empower the suppliers to help deliver meaningful change, both now and in the coming years. Hear from senior leaders as they share their insights on the most effective ways they have created mutually advantageous working relationships with their suppliers. We will explore contract extensions, collaborations, de-commoditisation efforts, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), and making supply chain specific targets and goals.

Maria Mendulice CEO We Mean Business

MODERATOR: David Wei Managing Director BSR

11:00am – 11:45am (CET) Sponsored by 3 Degrees

Mitigation vs. Compensation: How to Efficiently Reduce Carbon Within Your Supply Chain

One of the most effective ways for an organization to get closer to reaching its climate goals is to reduce carbon emissions across its supply chain. However, supplier greenhouse gas emissions pose some of the most challenging carbon pain points to address. While organisations across the world are making bold commitments to curb climate change on a science-based pathway, many struggle to deliver progress as a result of their suppliers’ own operations being out of sync with their own net zero ambitions Learn from pioneering companies about the innovative ways they’ve been minimising their carbon footprint within their supply chain -- and across all three Scopes of the business -- in a way that still sustains competitiveness with industry peers.

Sak Nayagam Senior Director, Energy and Climate Practice 3Degrees

John Cant Sustainable Solutions Lead Diageo

Moderator: Erin Leitheiser Manager, Climate BSR

11:45am – 12:30pm (CET)

Lunch break

12:30pm – 1:15pm (CET) Sponsored by Orsted

Supplier Engagement: Engaging and Mobilising your Suppliers to Lead the Climate Transition

Supplier greenhouse gas emissions pose some of the most challenging carbon pain points across a business’ supply chain. Join us to hear from those guiding their suppliers on their own journey – from GHG footprinting, science-based target setting, and scaling up emissions mitigation and transition activities.

Maria Virginia Dundas Head of Strategic Environment Programme, Global Sustainability Orsted

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer Senior Director of Sustainability Carlsberg Group

MODERATOR: Anna Stanley Manager, Climate Action WBCSD

1:15pm – 1:30pm (CET)

Aiding Your Supply Chain on Their Own Net Zero Journey and Energy Procurement

Transitioning to Net Zero remains to be a mammoth task across the supply chain. As the world enters a technology-driven energy transition, suppliers’ capabilities must be supported to meet cost targets, secure supplies, improve safety and reliability, innovate, and optimise the total cost of ownership. Join us as we explore the most effective ways organisations are adopting to simplify the purchase and management of energy to further reduce costs, identify new opportunities as the markets evolve and transform their culture and organization to achieve long-term impact.

Juliette White CBE Global Vice President, Sustainability AstraZeneca

Terry Slavin Editor In Chief, Sustianable Business Reuters Events

1:30pm – 2:15pm (CET) Sponsorship available

Net Zero Closing Keynote: How Companies Are Really Strategizing for Net Zero

All eyes are on companies and their work to achieve their ambitious climate and carbon goals. Discerning judgement from consumers, shareholders and employees means that there is zero tolerance for greenwashing or carbon offsetting shortcuts. In this keynote discussion, we learn just how the trailblazing organisations are delivering strategized, goal-driven and transparent change across their supply chain on their Net Zero journeys.

Chris Daly Chief Sustainability Officer PepsiCo Europe

Ulrike Decoene Group Chief Communication, Brand and Sustainability Officer AXA

MODERATOR: Anna Kruip Manager, Environment and Climate UN Global Compact

9:00am – 9:45am (CET) Sponsorship available

COP26 Keynote: Accelerating the Net Zero Roadmap in 2022 and Beyond

COP26 promised to provide a critical juncture in this space. Environmental regulations, the turbocharging of the green finance market, and a demand for innovation will all have a huge impact on business models and practices post-COP. Just days after the Summit has concluded we will convene key leaders to analyse key announcements from the Summit, share how they plan to scale Net Zero actions and investments in 2022, and the impact of COP26 on these plans.

Steve Murrells CEO Co-op

Miguel Veiga-Pestana Head of Corporate Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer Reckitt

MODERATOR: Hannah Pathak Director, UK and Europe Forum for the Future

9:45am – 10:00am (CET)

Profit and Planet Keynote: Sustainability as a Business Model

What does it take to become climate positive? The purpose of a business must be clear, and it must have holistic view of performance. This looks beyond just financial performance, but instead analyses performance across how it impacts customers, people, planet and the company itself. Christine Diamente sits down with Ingka Group’s CFO as he highlights how Ingka Group has showed it is possible to grow a business while reducing greenhouse gases by integrating sustainability into the business is key and how investment decisions are taken on both financial returns and the social and CO2 impact.

Juvencio Maeztu Deputy CEO, Management Board Member and Chief Financial Officer Ingka Holding

MODERATOR: Christine Diamente Managing Director, Business Transformation BSR

10:00am – 10:45am (CET) Sponsorship available

Sustainable Financing Keynote: Making the Long-Term Business Case for Sustainability

There is a clear disparity between the short-term, quarterly expectations of shareholders and the reality of the long-term returns of sustainable strategies. Hear how financial leaders are shifting the needle to put sustainability as the bottom line within their business model and embedding purpose as a performance indicator.

Catherine Howarth Chief Executive Share Action

Sandra Schoonhoven Head of Global Sustainability ING

Moderator: Sarah Teacher Executive Director Impact Investing Institue

10:45am – 11:30am (CET)


11:30am – 12:15pm (CET) Sponsored by Eastman

Plastics Keynote: Cracking Down on Plastics and Packaging Across Your Supply Chain

For many businesses, going fully circular isn’t achievable in the short-term. With the lack of commercially viable infrastructure and products available the war on plastics must be re-evaluated. Understand how businesses are taking a refreshed look at the plastics dilemma by finding ways to balance - and explain - their approach to reduce, remove, and replace plastics.

Sander Defruyt New Plastics Economy initiative The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Inari Seppa Technology Innovation Director Eastman

MODERATOR: David McGinty Global Director of the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) WRI

12:15pm – 12:45pm (CET) Sponsorship available

Risk Mapping for Your Future – Utilising New Technologies and Systems to Track All Materials and Their Impact in Your Supply Chain

Risk mapping every single product and/or service your business has in its supply chain is a long and arduous task. Nevertheless, it is critical to measure every possible social and environmental impact (child labour, human rights, soil degradation, water pollution, deforestation etc…) your business has if you are committed to transforming your business. Discover how the latest technologies and systems are helping companies map future risks across the product and supply line.

Ruth Rennie Senior Director, Standards & Assurance Rainforest Alliance

Aleix Busquets Gonzalez Global Director Sustainability C&A

MODERATOR: Bettina Reinboth Director of Human Rights and Social Issues PRI

12:45pm – 1:30pm (CET) Sponsorship available

Regenerative Business Model Keynote: Understanding the Realities of Putting Nature at the Heart of Your Business

Shifting to a regenerative business comes at a huge and very risky cost. With little understanding of its yield, and direct and indirect effects, businesses are still apprehensive to take the plunge. But what of the companies that are already becoming ‘regenerative’? Find out in this keynote discussion what this really entails in practice across a business’ supply chain and the benefits that come with it.

Helene Valade Group Environmental Development Director LVMH

Vanessa Wright Chief Sustainability Officer Pernod Ricard

Marcelo Behar Vice President of Sustainability and Group Affairs Natura & Co

MODERATOR: Mark Gough CEO Capitals Coalition