Vishnu Rajamanickam

Vishnu Rajamanickam

Advancing work quality and operational efficiency in warehousing through automation

Nov 1, 2023
“Contrary to reports of technology taking away jobs, I think technology is actually creating careers,” in warehousing believes Jonas Swarttouw, NewCold’s vice president of customer & business development for North America

Intelligent decision-making is key to supply chain resilience

Oct 25, 2023
“How do we ensure that our customers go about handling their supply chain businesses in the right way?” asks Ahmed Samnan Raza, CTO at PartnerLinQ

Building a realistic roadmap to usher sustainability in supply chain operations

Oct 18, 2023
“In the future, we can see a closed-loop supply chain, where products will be returned and re-integrated in the supply chain for future use,” believes Frank Clary, the VP of sustainability at Agility

Reimagining drayage operations through data aggregation and enhanced predictability

Oct 11, 2023
“Drayage as a market is still five to 10 years behind full truckload or over-the-road (OTR) trucking,” but it doesn’t have to be that way thinks Steve Wen, the CEO of non-asset drayage marketplace Dray Alliance

Good vendor relationships are the cornerstone to resilient sourcing operations

Oct 4, 2023
“Understanding … your spend will not only help your company grow, but help your suppliers grow as well,” finds Stimulus founder and CEO, Tiffanie Stanard

The criticality of the last mile in a successful e-commerce delivery experience

Sep 27, 2023
“Customers today want to have control over the delivery experience,” says Itamar Zur, the CEO of Veho

A great last-mile experience can be a growth driver to retail operations

Sep 20, 2023
“It is about what a business can do to make the journey smooth and intuitive, so that it adds to the brand experience and loyalty,” says Mehul Kapadia, the chief revenue officer at

Leveraging technology in logistics operations to improve service levels and cost savings

Aug 30, 2023
“Technology can really help drive cost efficiency in today’s world,” says Tanmay Mathur, SVP of linehaul at XPO

Shared truckload - a more sustainable alternative to traditional less-than-truckload freight

Aug 23, 2023
Can machine learning cut carbon, time and cost out of the less-than-truckload market?

Leveraging data-based intelligence to democratise shipper-carrier relationships

Aug 16, 2023
This interview was conducted at Reuters Events: Supply Chain USA (May 17-18, Chicago, 2023).