Intelligent decision-making is key to supply chain resilience

“How do we ensure that our customers go about handling their supply chain businesses in the right way?” asks Ahmed Samnan Raza, CTO at PartnerLinQ

This interview was conducted at Reuters Events: Supply Chain USA (May 17-18, Chicago, 2023).

While globalisation helped supply chains expand their footprint across different markets — be it for sourcing or demand — the political and economic repercussions from a volatile world have complicated operations by several orders of magnitude. This has resulted in companies facing unprecedented challenges, including supply chain disruptions, fluctuating trade policies, currency exchange rate fluctuations, and geopolitical tensions.

The importance of intelligent decision-making in an unpredictable landscape cannot be overstated. Businesses must rely on data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and strategic planning to navigate these turbulent waters.

PartnerLinQ, an AI-based supply chain management platform, aims to improve the status quo by connecting industry stakeholders, providing visibility into operations, and fostering intelligent decision-making in supply chain processes.

“Something we’ve been focusing on at PartnerLinQ is how do we ensure that our customers go about handling their supply chain businesses in the right way — the orders, their shipments, their invoices, and all the transactions in between?” said Ahmed Samnan Raza, CTO at PartnerLinQ.

In an increasingly intricate global landscape, where the margin for error is slim, PartnerLinQ strives to be the cornerstone of efficient and resilient supply chain management. By facilitating seamless communication and data sharing among stakeholders, the platform empowers organizations to make well-informed decisions, react promptly to disruptions, and optimize their operations for greater competitiveness

“We help our customers add intelligence to the different supply chain pieces,” said Raza. “It could be for planning your business or supply chain, anomaly detection, or optimizing your supply chain network — it’s about baking intelligent decision-making into the process.”

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