Sophie Mitchell

Sophie Mitchell

Kodiak Robotics and SK Inc. aim their autonomous trucks at APAC markets

Jun 28, 2021
The self-driving truck technology will be brought to Asia’s $1.5 trillion freight market

The need to know

Jun 25, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 25th June 2021

Logistics executives looking to implement more sustainable operations across their supply chain

Jun 23, 2021
Fifty-seven percent of logistics executives plan to invest in more sustainable upstream operations to maximise sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Union Pacific opening new rail terminal outside the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Jun 22, 2021
Union Pacific to open The Inland Empire Intermodal Terminal outside West Coast’s largest port

Freight bottlenecks cost US economy $42 billion

Jun 21, 2021
Freight shipments also suffered from 660 million hours of delay on the nation’s roadways, according to a review of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) data

The need to know

Jun 18, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 18th June 2021

Manufacturing suffering labour shortages after pandemic

Jun 16, 2021
A new study from The Workforce Institute at UKG has found that two-thirds of US manufacturers are currently unable to fill labour gaps

ShipBob and Walmart partner to provide two-day shipping for small businesses across the US

Jun 15, 2021
Deepening its move into e-commerce, Walmart is teaming up with ShipBob to provide two-day shipping coverage for all its Marketplace customers in the continental US

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Jun 4, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 4th May 2021

Micro-fulfilment centres could have major impact on urban congestion and air emissions

Jun 2, 2021
New study sees big potential reductions in emissions if there is a pivot towards micro-fulfilment centres and click-and-collect options