Only 10% of supply chain professionals feel extremely prepared for future disruptions

Seventy-nine percent of supply chain professionals have had to react to unanticipated changes on a regular basis and the majority feel unprepared

In a new survey from Quickbase, ‘Building Resiliency Through Supply Chain Visibility’, only 10% of supply chain professionals feel extremely prepared for future disruptions in their supply chains, and only 37% feel completely prepared.

This is due to siloed or inaccessible information from vendors, outdated manual processes, and disconnected systems and teams across the organisation.

This was noted by 59% of respondents, who see the root cause of disruption as manual processes and disconnected systems. Over half also cited increasing visibility as a supply chain priority. This was at just 34% before the pandemic.

A whopping 94% of respondents plan to make changes to their supply chain in the wake of Covid-19, in order to mitigate future disruption. This is also due to changes in elements of the supply chain such as production quantity, quality defects and manufacturing work patterns within their teams or organisations, which 79% of those surveyed were currently responding to.

“When there’s any kind of disruption to a supply chain – big or small – it’s critical to have access to all data in real time to make decisions,” said Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase. “We live in a world where disruption is constant, and organizations need technology that is accessible to teams that are closest to the problems to move quickly – that’s where we come in. Our platform empowers organizations to get real-time insights from their core systems as well as connect teams and data across sources.”

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