The need to know

Jan 21, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 22nd January 2021

US executives forced to rethink corporate strategies with post-election policy changes

Jan 20, 2021
47% of companies believe it will be difficult for their organisations to respond to increased regulation on environmental and sustainability practices

Returns experience grows in significance for consumers

Jan 19, 2021
A Doddle survey shows that 59% of consumers find the convenience of returns to be more important to them since the COVID-19 outbreak

Rise in returns puts pressure on e-commerce merchants

Jan 18, 2021
Returns have nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic and the number of returns tripled year-on-year on December 26th compared to an average day in the US

The need to know

Jan 14, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 15th January 2021

Cold chain monitoring rising in importance

Jan 13, 2021
More consumers than ever are keeping an eye on where their food is coming from and how safe it is, putting more pressure to effectively monitor cold chain movements

Start-up founders are focusing on operating costs in 2021

Jan 12, 2021
Clutch’s survey shows that start-up founders are prioritising inventory and operating costs in the first quarter of 2021 as a result of supply chains becoming a greater focus over the last year

The need to know

Jan 8, 2021
The need to know for the week ending 8th January 2020

Tesla market cap surpasses next five largest automotive companies combined

Jan 7, 2021
Skyrocketing shares put market cap at well over $700 bn, larger than any other auto manufacturer giant, and more than the combined value of Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, GM, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Fiat Chrysler and Ford

E-commerce wave helps ShipMonk to $290 million investment round

Jan 6, 2021
Rapidly growing e-commerce demand pushes demand for aligned start-ups, with ShipMonk taking in $290 million in latest growth equity funding round