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A dive into self-drive

Last week we delved into the labour crisis stretching cross the logistics and supply chain industry, one offshoot of which is a headlong rush to get autonomous vehicles onto roads and commercially viable. In this week’s instalment we look at the intense competition that surrounds this field, which extends across cars, trucks, ships and delivery robots, and who might be coming up on top or just short.  

Trucking, Freight Pushes Drive to Autonomous Vehicles. [Trucks.com]

Hyundai's autonomous truck just made a 40-kilometer trip on a South Korean highway. [CNBC]

Massive Cargo Ships Are Going Autonomous. Here Are The Companies & Trends Driving The Global Maritime Industry Forward. [CB Insights]

Why Uber put the brakes on its self-driving trucks. [MIT Technology Review]

As Uber Leaves Self-Driving Truck Market, Another Jumps In. [Go By Truck News]

How smart cities will improve trucking and the supply chain. [FreightWaves]

Autonomous grocery-delivery service comes to California. [New Atlas]

Waymo’s autonomous cars are leaving human drivers furious. [SlashGear]

A more realistic route to autonomous driving. [The Economist]

Whilst this last story is not about autonomous vehicles, I wanted to bring your attention to a fantastic piece of journalism tracing the effects of NotPetya on shipping giant Maersk. This article took a year to put together and is a stark reminder that as we connect more systems up, we multiply vulnerabilities in this most critical industry, which is a clear and obvious target for state actors. The untold story of NotPetya, the most devastating cyberattack in history. [Wired]

To see where the industry thinks we will be in 10 year’s time, including a discussion of autonomous vehicles, then attend the panel discussion at the 20th Annual Logistics CIO Forum: North America.

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